Downgrading/Reverting PSP3000 6.20 Firmware Version back to 5.03 Custom Firmware Hen


Guys does anyone knows how to revert back or downgrade a PSP3000 from its original firmware 5.03 chickHEN support, I accidentally updated my firmware to 6.20 and chickHEN does not support that firmware version. Also PANDORA's BATTERY is not working for PSP3000. Is there any way I can revert it???

The only way I can play games is using a UMD or changing my PSP motherboard to a Downloadable or Stable PSP2000 or wait untill a much higher firmware version that can be supported by chickHEN....

It sucks you know waiting for a much higher version... 5.50 is the latest chickHEN support... DEVELOPERS can it be RUSH ^^ lots of us are having the same problem..... I hope you might help us... Thanks
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