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Bongos A Go-go Sound Sets​

New sounds can be bought at the Bongos A Go-Go store at DK Town:

Barnyard: 1050 coins
Big Band: 88 coins
Car: 66 coins
Classical Orchestra: 2220 coins
Cold: 460 coins
Country: 49 coins
Dogs: 11 coins
Electrical Drum: 25000 coins
Jingle: 333 coins
Kirby: 2599 coins
Konga Crew: 64 coins
Laser Space: 77 coins
Latin Percussion: 1900 coins
Mario: 4599 coins
Quiz: 912 coins
Toy: 14900 coins
Whip It: 707 coins
Zelda: 4599 coins

Easy Coins​

Do a song that has many rolls (for example, We Will Rock You or the Pokemon Theme) Those songs have lots easy rolls, and on only Monkey Mode you can at least rack 300.

Gorilla Songs​

To get Gorilla Songs just go into Ape Town and purchase them from the Jungle Jam menu. They all cost different prices.

Keeping Your Hands Free​

If you have the Donkey Konga bongos then set the clap sensor sensivity to its highest so that any loud noise will make a clap. This will allow you to make any loud noise to clap and leave your hands free for playing the Bongos. Just dont turn up the music volume to much!

More points on Clap Drum Rolls​

To get more points on a clapping drum roll, just whistle through it. I pretty sure Kong can't clap faster then that.

Title Screen​

On the title screen, you can make the "Press Start" text move by clapping. The "P" in "Press" picks up the more quiet clapping sounds as the "t" in "Start" picks up louder clapping sounds. The Letters in between pick up average rate claps. It acts like a volume graph on a stereo or PC Media player.

Wrong Bongo​

Watch Donkey Kong drumming while you drum. Notice that he drums the right bongo for the yellow marker and the left bongo for the red marker.
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