Do I need to rehack on 6.35 pro when changing memory card?


Hello all,

I am getting a new memory card for my psp with a larger capacity, and will be giving my current card to my girlfriend for a psp that I just bought her. I am running 6.35 pro b3, and she has ofw 6.35. I was wondering two things:

1: Will I need to rehack my psp when I get my new card? or could I just transfer all my files from one card to the other, and once inserted into my psp 3000, will I be able just to run the fast recovery and then be completed? Or must I transfer everything over, and redo the entire hack starting from HEN?

2: In order to hack hers, since I am using my old card, could I just insert my card 'as is' into her psp and then run fast recovery? or must I start from Hen in order to get hers to 6.35 pro b3 as well?

Thank you all for all of your help ^^
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