DK: King of Swing Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

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final kaoss

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  • Secret Jungle Jam Event
On the title screen, press up, L, A, and B at the same time to go to a password screen.

Attack Battle 3 - 65942922
Obstacle Race 4 - 35805225
Climbing Race 5 - 55860327
Re: DK: King of Swing

  • Unlock Bubbles in Clu Clu Land
Finish Diddy mode and collect all 24 Medals.
  • Unlock Diddy Mode
Collect all 24 Medals as DK.
  • Unlock King K. Rool
Get 12 Gold Medals in Jungle Jam.
  • Unlock Kremling
Get 6 Gold Medals in Jungle Jam.
  • Unlock More Jungle Jam Events
One event for each set of Medals you get. A set is one of each.
Re: DK: King of Swing

  • Unlock Time Attack
Beat the game once as DK.
  • Unlock Wrinkly Kong's Ghost
Collect all 20 Crystal Coconuts as DK.
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