Dissidia Duodecium lags and then freezes on title screen.


I switched to 6.20 TN-E, it's cool having plugin control on the XMB. But none of my "Normal games" are working. By normal I mean bought off PSN, they either give me an error or shut down the psp. I have two ISOS (Both bought on umd and ripped) Duodecium is one of them, while Kingdom hearts birth by sleep is the other one. Birth by sleep is the only game that SEEMS to be working flawlessly. I'm using Prometheus iso loader to launch them, could it have something to do with that? I find it hard that a firmware used just as much as the pro series would have these many issues. If you guys can't help I guess I'll switch back to pro...but I like the features on TN-E so I'd like avoid that.
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