Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy [JP] [NPJH-50377] CWCheats - Code Compilation

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Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy [JP] CWCheats - Code Compilation [WIP]

Menu Codes

Max Gil
0x203D4C64 0x3B9AC9FF

Max KP
0x2040441C 0x3B9AC9FF

Max PP
0x20EC7CC0 0x3B9AC9FF

Character Selection Codes (Known Issue: Enabled characters don't have icons and are Lv.0)

Enable Garland
0x20F16098 0x00100001
0x10F1609C 0x00000010

Enable The Emperor
0x20F160A0 0x00110001
0x10F160A4 0x00000011

Enable Cloud of Darkness
0x20F160A8 0x00120001
0x10F160AC 0x00000012

Enable Golbeza
0x20F160B0 0x00130001
0x10F160B4 0x00000013

Enable Exdeath
0x20F160C0 0x00150001
0x10F160C4 0x00000014

Enable Cefca Palazzo
0x20F160C8 0x00160001
0x10F160CC 0x00000015

Enable Sephiroth
0x20F160D0 0x00170001
0x10F160D4 0x00000016

Enable Ultimecia
0x20F160D8 0x00180001
0x10F160DC 0x00000017

Enable Kuja
0x20F160E0 0x00190001
0x10F160E4 0x00000018

Enable Jecht
0x20F160E8 0x001A0001
0x10F160EC 0x00000019

Enable Shantotto
0x20F160F0 0x001B0001
0x10F160F4 0x0000001A

Enable Gabranth
0x20F160F8 0x001C0001
0x10F160FC 0x0000001B

Enable Prishe
0x20F16100 0x001D0001
0x10F16104 0x0000001C

Enable Gilgamesh
0x20F16108 0x001E0001
0x10F1610C 0x0000001D

Enable Desperado Chaos
0x20F16110 0x001F0001
0x10F16114 0x0000001E

Enable Chaos <No Move Set>
0x20F16118 0x00200001
0x10F1611C 0x0000001F

Character Level Codes [WIP]

Lightning Lv.100
0x003D189D 0x00000064

Vaan Lv.100
0x003D1125 0x00000064

Laguna Lorie Lv.100
0x003CFABD 0x00000064

Yuna Lv.100
0x003D0235 0x00000064

Cain Highwind Lv.100
0x003CE455 0x00000064

Tifa Lockhart Lv.100
0x003CF345 0x00000064

Warrior of Light Lv.100
0x003C388D 0x00000064

Frioniel Lv.100
0x003C477D 0x00000064

Onion Knight Lv.100
0x003C566D 0x00000064

Cecil Harvey Lv.100
0x003C655D 0x00000064

Butz Klauser Lv.100
0x003C744D 0x00000064

Tina Branford Lv.100
0x003C833D 0x00000064

Cloud Strife Lv.100
0x003C922D 0x00000064

Squall Leonhart Lv.100
0x003CA11D 0x00000064

Zidane Tribal Lv.100
0x003CB00D 0x00000064

Tidus Lv.100
0x003CBEFD 0x00000064

Garland Lv.100
0x003C4005 0x00000064

Credit goes to Smurfalufakus
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