Disney Pixar UP - [ULUS-10430]

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final kaoss

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These hacks are for NitePR/CoderPR.

#Inf Health both players
;cheat hz 15
;credit 247streethusta
0x006D5490 0x3F800000
0x006D5494 0x3F800000

#9999 bugs both characters
;combined the addresses for each
;chapter together
;credit 247streethustla
0x00852EB0 0x270F
0x00852EB4 0x270F
0x007EEEA0 0x270F
0x007EEEA4 0x270F
0x008532A0 0x270F
0x008532A4 0x270F
0x00853690 0x270F
0x00853694 0x270F
0x00848820 0x270F
0x00848824 0x270F

#Unlock points for cheats
;once you have enough points
;you can use them to buy cheats
;from the main menu
;use through decoder
;credit 247streethustla
0x006CC0B0 0x00000000

Here they are in cwcheat format:

_C0 Inf Health both players
_L 0x206D5490 0x3F800000
_L 0x206D5494 0x3F800000

_C0 9999 bugs both characters
_L 0x10852EB0 0x270F
_L 0x10852EB4 0x270F
_L 0x107EEEA0 0x270F
_L 0x107EEEA4 0x270F
_L 0x108532A0 0x270F
_L 0x108532A4 0x270F
_L 0x10853690 0x270F
_L 0x10853694 0x270F
_L 0x10848820 0x270F
_L 0x10848824 0x270F

_C0 Unlock points for cheats
_L 0x106CC0B0 0x0000270F

A note to hackers who want to hack this game: if your searching for a specific thing for a character, such as flash, health, etc, the addresses will mostly likely be very close to each other.
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