Disney grabs 4 trademarks for Maniac Mansion

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Maniac Mansion may not have had the best port to the NES back in the day, but most of us that played it didn't know that. It was quite a fantastic title no matter where you experienced it, but according to some trademarks from Lucasfilm/Disney, we could expect the brand would return. 4 new trademarks for the title popped up, but we aren't sure what the plans are yet.

On the 22nd of May, Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. LLC, under Disney of course, filed four trademarks for Maniac Mansion via the USPTO. As far as I can tell, though I might be wrong here, they intend to use this for games due to "video game software; computer programs and software". But that might be connected in some way to the other goods, maybe someone good on IP legislation can provide an answer. It differs from most regular filings for games anyway.

Could Disney be up to something with Maniac Mansion?

Could it be coming back to the WiiU or Maniac Mansion 3
If this is a launch title, and all those other games being announced for Wii U are launch titles, then Wii U will have an amazing launch coupled with the Nintendo exclusives I'm sure it'll get
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