Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness [US]

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final kaoss

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_S ULUS-10308
_G Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness [US]
_C0 Inf Money
_L 0x201801D0 0x0098967F
_C0 Inf HP Laharl
_L 0x201810BC 0x0098967F
_C0 Character Creation Codes
_L 0x001DD68C 0x00000000
_L 0x001DDD20 0x000000C8
_L 0x001DDD21 0x000000C8
_L 0x001DDD22 0x000000C8
_L 0x001DDD23 0x000000C8
_L 0x001DDD24 0x000000C8
_L 0x001DDD25 0x000000C8
_L 0x001DDD26 0x000000C8
_L 0x001DDD27 0x000000C8
_L 0x001DDD24 0
_L 0x001DDD26 0
_C0 Infinite HL
_L 0x201801D0 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x201801D4 0x00000918
_C0 Laharl Mana 250
_L 0x00181124 0x000000FA
_C0 Inf HP 65535
_L 0x201810BC 0x0000FFFF
_C0 inf SP 65535
_L 0x201810C0 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Max HP 65535
_L 0x201810C4 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Max SP 65535
_L 0x201810C8 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Lahard ATK 65535
_L 0x201810CC 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Lahard DEF 65535
_L 0x201810D0 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Lahard INT 65535
_L 0x201810D4 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Lahard SPD 65535
_L 0x201810D8 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Lahard HIT 65535
_L 0x201810DC 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Lahard RES 65535
_L 0x201810E0 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna Inf HP 65535
_L 0x20181764 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna Inf SP 65535
_L 0x20181768 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna Max HP 65535
_L 0x2018177C 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna Max SP 65535
_L 0x20181770 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna ATK 65535
_L 0x20181774 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna DEF 65535
_L 0x20181778 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna INT 65535
_L 0x2018178C 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna SPD 65535
_L 0x20181780 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna HIT 65535
_L 0x20181784 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Etna RES 65535
_L 0x20181788 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Max Money
_L 0x201801D0 0xFFFFFFFF
_C0 Max Money
_L 0x201801D0 0xFFFFFFFF
_C0 Max HL
_L 0x201801D0 0x107A3FFF
_L 0x101801D4 0x00005AF3
_C0 Bonus Gauge Mod
_L 0x001C3F86 0x00000009
_C0 Bonus Stat Points Mod
_L 0x101DD68C 0x00000001
_C0 Senate Rank All Chars
_L 0x80181185 0x006406A8
_L 0x0000000B 0x00000000
_C0 Max Exp All Chars
_L 0x80180AF8 0x00640354
_L 0x1000E7FF 0x00000000
_L 0x80180AFA 0x00640354
_L 0x10004876 0x00000000
_L 0x80180AFC 0x00640354
_L 0x10000017 0x00000000
_C0 Max Mana All Chars
_L 0x80181124 0x00640354
_L 0x1000E0FF 0x00000000
_L 0x80181126 0x00640354
_L 0x100005F5 0x00000000
_C0 Weapon Mastery All Chars
_L 0x80181106 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000007 0x00000000
_L 0x8018110A 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000007 0x00000000
_L 0x8018110E 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000007 0x00000000
_L 0x80181112 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000007 0x00000000
_L 0x80181116 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000007 0x00000000
_L 0x8018111A 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000007 0x00000000
_L 0x8018111E 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000007 0x00000000
_C0 Warp Anywhere All Chars
_L 0x80181175 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000063 0x00000000
_L 0x80181173 0x006406A8
_L 0x00000063 0x00000000
_C0 HL Money Mod
_L 0x001801D0 0x00000000
_C0 Slot 1 Rarity Modifier (Legend)
_L 0x001BA6BE 0x00000000
_C0 Slot 1 - Space for Residents Modifier
_L 0x001BA6C1 0x0000000C
_C0 Slot 1 Item - Max Stats
_L 0x101BA688 0x0000FDE8
_L 0x101BA68C 0x0000FDE8
_L 0x101BA690 0x0000FDE8
_L 0x101BA694 0x0000FDE8
_L 0x101BA698 0x0000FDE8
_L 0x101BA69C 0x0000FDE8
_L 0x101BA6A0 0x0000FDE8
_L 0x101BA6A4 0x0000FDE8
_C0 Product Rank Modifier
_L 0x001C3F9B 0x0000007F
_C0 Customer Rank Modifier
_L 0x001C3F9C 0x0000007F
_C0 Voting Max
_L 0x101DD69C 0x0000C350
_L 0x201DEEB0 0x3B9AC9FF
_L 0x201DEEB4 0x00000000
_C0 Bonus (Off After Change)
_L 0x201C3F84 0x000003E8
_C0 1st Character Experience
_L 0x20180AF8 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x20180AFC 0x00000918
_L 0x20181104 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181108 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018110C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181110 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181114 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181118 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018111C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10181124 0x0000C350
_L 0x20181110 0
_L 0x20181118 0
_C0 2nd Character Experience
_L 0x201811A0 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x201811A4 0x00000918
_L 0x201817AC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201817B0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201817B4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201817B8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201817BC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201817C0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201817C4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x101817CC 0x0000C350
_L 0x201817B8 0
_L 0x201817C0 0
_C0 3rd Character Experience
_L 0x20181848 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x2018184C 0x00000918
_L 0x20181E54 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181E58 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181E5C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181E60 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181E64 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181E68 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20181E6C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10181E74 0x0000C350
_L 0x20181E60 0
_L 0x20181E68 0
_C0 4th Character Experience
_L 0x20181EF0 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x20181EF4 0x00000918
_L 0x201824FC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182500 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182504 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182508 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018250C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182510 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182514 0x00077DF8
_L 0x1018251C 0x0000C350
_L 0x20182508 0
_L 0x20182510 0
_C0 5th Character Experience
_L 0x20182598 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x2018259C 0x00000918
_L 0x20182BA4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182BA8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182BAC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182BB0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182BB4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182BB8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20182BBC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10182BC4 0x0000C350
_L 0x20182BB0 0
_L 0x20182BB8 0
_C0 6th Character Experience
_L 0x20182C40 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x20182C44 0x00000918
_L 0x2018324C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183250 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183254 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183258 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018325C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183260 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183264 0x00077DF8
_L 0x1018326C 0x0000C350
_L 0x20183258 0
_L 0x20183260 0
_C0 7th Character Experience
_L 0x201832E8 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x201832EC 0x00000918
_L 0x201838F4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201838F8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201838FC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183900 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183904 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183908 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018390C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10183914 0x0000C350
_L 0x20183900 0
_L 0x20183908 0
_C0 8th Character Experience
_L 0x20183990 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x20183994 0x00000918
_L 0x20183F9C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183FA0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183FA4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183FA8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183FAC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183FB0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20183FB4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10183FBC 0x0000C350
_L 0x20183FA8 0
_L 0x20183FB0 0
_C0 9th Character Experience
_L 0x20184038 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x2018403C 0x00000918
_L 0x20184644 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184648 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018464C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184650 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184654 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184658 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018465C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10184664 0x0000C350
_L 0x20184650 0
_L 0x20184658 0
_C0 10th Character Experience
_L 0x201846E0 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x201846E4 0x00000918
_L 0x20184CEC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184CF0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184CF4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184CF8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184CFC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184D00 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20184D04 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10184D0C 0x0000C350
_L 0x20184CF8 0
_L 0x20184D00 0
_C0 11th Character Experience
_L 0x20184D88 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x20184D8C 0x00000918
_L 0x20185394 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20185398 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018539C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201853A0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201853A4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201853A8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201853AC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x101853B4 0x0000C350
_L 0x201853A0 0
_L 0x201853A8 0
_C0 12th Character Experience
_L 0x20185430 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x20185434 0x00000918
_L 0x20185A3C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20185A40 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20185A44 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20185A48 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20185A4C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20185A50 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20185A54 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10185A5C 0x0000C350
_L 0x20185A48 0
_L 0x20185A50 0
_C0 13th Character Experience
_L 0x20185AD8 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x20185ADC 0x00000918
_L 0x201860E4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201860E8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201860EC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201860F0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201860F4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201860F8 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201860FC 0x00077DF8
_L 0x10186104 0x0000C350
_L 0x201860F0 0
_L 0x201860F8 0
_C0 14th Character Experience
_L 0x20186180 0x4E729FFF
_L 0x20186184 0x00000918
_L 0x2018678C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20186790 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20186794 0x00077DF8
_L 0x20186798 0x00077DF8
_L 0x2018679C 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201867A0 0x00077DF8
_L 0x201867A4 0x00077DF8
_L 0x101867AC 0x0000C350
_L 0x20186798 0
_L 0x201867A0 0
_C0 Max Spear Skill - Slot 1
_L 0x00181142 0x000000FF
_C0 Max Bow Skill - Slot 1
_L 0x00181143 0x000000FF
_C0 Max Gun Skill - Slot 1
_L 0x00181144 0x000000FF
_C0 Max Axe Skill - Slot 1
_L 0x00181145 0x000000FF
_C0 Max Staff Skill - Slot 1
_L 0x00181146 0x000000FF
_C1 Poison Resistance Modifier - Slot 1
_L 0x00180DA4 0x00000063
_C1 Sleep Resistance Modifier Slot 1
_L 0x00180DA6 0x00000063
_C1 Paralysis Resistance Modifier - Slot 1
_L 0x00180DA8 0x00000063
_C1 Forget Resistance Modifier - Slot 1
_L 0x00180DAA 0x00000063
_C1 Deprive Resistance Modifier - Slot 1
_L 0x00180DAC 0x00000063
_C1 Fire Resistance Modifier - Slot 1
_L 0x0018116F 0x00000063
_C1 Wind Resistance Modifier - Slot 1
_L 0x00181170 0x00000063
_C1 Ice Resistance Modifier - Slot 1
_L 0x00181171 0x00000063
_C0 Bag Item-1 Lv=0
_L 0x001BA6BA 0x00000000
_C0 Bag Item-1 Max Move Jump
_L 0x101BA6C2 0x00006363
_C0 Item Slot 1 Item World Lv=0
_L 0x001BA6BA 0x00000000
_C0 Weapon Clone Slot-1
_L 0x10180B78 0x000000F0
_C0 Weapon Clone Weapon Slot-1
_L 0x10180B78 0x000000F0
_C0 Armor Clone - 1st Armor Slot-1
_L 0x10180C08 0x00000410
_C0 Armor Clone - 2nd Armor Slot-1
_L 0x10180C98 0x00000410
_C0 Armor Clone - 3rd Armor Slot-1
_L 0x10180D28 0x00000410
_C0 Weapon Clone Slot-1
_L 0x10180B78 0x000000F0
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