Did Sega Fuck up on the back art packaging 4 US Tennis 2K2

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Seeing as this game is a Black design box that was used later in the Dreamcast's comercial life, it always surprised me that the case spine art for Tennis 2K2 was for some reason unique to this release (usually black design spine art is black with vague/multiple Dreamcast logos), but this game has distinct Green spine with some white lines. Today I decided to change entire case with a new one. As I began to remove games back artwork it struck me that this common black spine design that I mentioned was indeed present but positioned to the right of the case (where you can't see it unless you open the case and take the disc out from the case holder). This really surprised me! It makes no sense why the black spine design was positioned to the right were it can never be seen and above all not positioned to the left where the cases spine is located. So I just took out the back artwork and repositioned it so the black art design is now where it should be (on the left). Of course, this creates another problem entirely! Now the other side of the back art work (basically the back of the case where all of the games info can me found) is now backwards! Did Sega fuck this up and did a last minute switcharoo as a quick fix??? Has anyone else here noticed this!? Did they ever make a re-release where this has been corrected or does every US Tennis 2K2 suffer from this. Please share your feedback and sorry for the long post.
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