Deus Ex: Human Revolution


[B]Max Credits on Buy hacked by 정지혜 < may unlock trophies[/B]
SET OGP=7C0400509003005C4BFFFF648003005C
SET COP=3C007FFF9003005C4BFFFF648003005C
[B]Usercheat BLES01151[/B]
00002000 0044F16C 3C007FFF

[B]Max Credits while in Shop hacked by 정지혜[/B]
00751CAC 83A3005C lwz > [COLOR=red]3FA07FFF[/COLOR]

[B]Max Praxis Points/EXP on Use/Gain hacked by 정지혜 (may unlock trophies)[/B]
SET OGP=800900107C0400503880000190090010
SET COP=80090010380000633880000190090010
[B]Usercheat BLES01151[/B]
00002000 0043559C 38000063
Re-enter Menu
i think this gives also max exp.. someone confirm it.
Max + Infinite Battery
0043B274 60000000
0043B278 60000000
0043BC48 3D804316
0043BC88 919F0004

SET OGP=C19F0004807F0000FFFF07EEFFE0FE5EDBE10070
SET COP=3D804316807F0000FFFF07EEFFE0FE5EDBE10070


SET OGP=EC2008284099000CD1A30008D0230004
SET COP=EC2008284099000C6000000060000000

Infinite Health
0044A498 3D8042C8
0044A49C 919F0060

SET OGP=C11E8010D19F0060FC206090801F0004EC4C0232
SET COP=3D8042C8919F0060FC206090801F0004EC4C0232

Infinite Ammo + Bottomless Clip
005EDECC 60000000
005EDEE8 60000000

SET COP=B12B0014815C0070A00A00147C0007347C0900F87D29FE707C004838B00A0014
SET COP=60000000815C0070A00A00147C0007347C0900F87D29FE707C00483860000000
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