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After-Match Cutscene. Ayane vs. Kasumi 2​

During Ayane's story mode when you get up to the stage where you vs Kasumi, instead of falling down the large gap in the snow lvl where you vs her, you stay on the where you are and beat her there. So instead of doing a fire ball you'll do this kind of ice blast thing.

All options​

Collect all items in Survival Collection Mode to unlock all bonus options (including all costumes). Note: There is a second screen in Survival Collection with fifteen items that does not appear until the first screen of fifty one items is completed.

Alternate Costumes​

Alternate costumes for all characters except Hitomi, Bayman, and Tengu are unlocked by completing the game in story mode. The difficulty setting determines which costumes are unlocked. To unlock alternate costumes for Hitomi, Bayman,
and Tengu, complete the game in time attack mode.

Ayane: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C15; Hard C15 through C20.
Bass: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C8.
Bayman: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 and C6.
Gen Fu: Easy C3 and C4; , Normal C5 through C8.
Hayabusa: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C9.
Helena: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C11; Hard C11 through C13.
Hitomi: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C11; Hard C12 through C14.
Jann Lee: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C8.
Kasumi: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C15; Hard C15 through C20.
Lei Fang: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C15; Hard C15 through C20.
Leon: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C8.
Tengu: Easy C3.
Tina: Easy C3 through C7, Normal C8 through C14; , Hard C15 and C16.
Zack: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C8.

Note: Some costumes can be unlocked by completing story mode repeatedly with the same character, without changing the difficulty setting. For example, Tina has a total of 14 costumes that can be unlocked by completing the game each time
with her to get a new one.

Alternate Hairsytles​

When selecting your character's costume, confirm your selection with either X\Y or the White button to change Kasumi and Lei Fang's hair. X\Y with Kasumi will give her a pony tail. White with Kasumi will give her a braid. X\Y\White with Lei Fang will have her hair down.

Alternate Level Select​

Press X on the following stages to play a variation of that level:

The Aerial Gardens
The White Storm
The Great Opera

Announcer voices​

Complete the matching sparring exercises to unlock the announcer voices for Ayane, Kasumi, Ein, Tengu and Raidou.

Ayane: Hidden FMV sequence​

Dead Or Alive 2 Ultimate Disc: This can only be done in Ayane's story mode. When you get to the fight with Kasumi and the snow level (it will always be the snow level when you fight Kasumi), knock/get knocked down into the lower level, the ice cave, and continue fighting there. Win the round with a final blow that will send Kasumi a considerable distance from you (about fifteen feet away from Ayane, QCF + Kick works well). Instead of the usual intermission sequence, Ayane will perform a magic technique and shoot some sort of fireball at the unsuspecting Kasumi.


Play for 10 hours to unlock Bayman.

Change Arenas​

Press X or BLACK while selecting a stage to alter the arena.

Change Character Hairstyles in DOA 2 Ultimate​

After choosing your character, press X, Y, or White while choosing your costume to change hairstyles. This trick works for Kasumi and Lei Fang only.

Control victory view​

During the ending victory sequence, press L or R to rotate the view. Use the Right Analog-stick to move the view up or down.


Beat story mode on each difficulty with every character to unlock every costume.

Easy fifty​

To get a easy fifty wins in survival mode. First thing you do is go the settings menu and set survival mode on the easy setting. Then go select survival mode and choose tag mode instead of single. Switch characters when the heatlh level is at half to switch press the black button. The most effective way switch is to down the opponent then press the black button. The one that is tagged out will slowly being to regain health and you will still the get the health boost that you get when you defeat an opponent.

Extra Collection Items in Survival Mode​

While playing in survival, if you punch or kick your opponent while they are lying on the ground, they will drop a collection item. Note: Certain characters can only punch opponents that are on the ground and certain characters can only kick opponents that are on the ground.

Extra configuration option (Dead Or Alive Ultimate Disc)​

Successfully complete the game with any character. This will also allow ring size configurations.

Hair Styles​

Press WHITE or BLACK while selecting characters to alter their hair style.

Hidden Fight Ending: Ayane vs Kasumi​

When playing as Ayane in the fight against Kasumi if you knock Kasumi off the cliff and kill her about 10 feet away you get a cutscene with Ayane shooting a fireball at Kasumi.

Hidden Xbox and Christie photograph in "The Crimson"​

In the level "The Crimson" if you knock someone through the glass window on the upper level, you will go to another area. In this area is a picture of Christie from "Dead or Alive 3" on the wall, as well as a Prototype Xbox connected to a T.V. If you hit someone into the Xbox and T.V., the Xbox will light up and the Xbox logo will be displayed on the screen.

Hitomi playable for versus mode​

Beat story mode on Normal with Ein, must have a DOA3 or DOAXBV save.

Increase Bouncing​

Go to the settings and set your age to 99. This will increase how "bouncy" the girls are.

Lighting up Zack's costumes​

On Zack's C3 and C5 costumes, if you taunt during a match, they will light up for the round. If you taunt again, it will turn off.

See Katsumi or Ayane in fireworks​

In the fireworks stage, you can see either Katsumi or Ayane in the fireworks. It can take a few minutes to happen.

Slope moves​

When your opponent is near a slope (will not work on staircases) press Throw . Your character will do a unique move using the slope, other than just knocking them down the hill. Different characters have different slope moves For example, Jack will ride the opponent down the hill like a snowboard, and Jann Lee will slide down the hill holding the opponent's face to the ground. Some levels that have slopes include White Storm, Safari, and Suspension Bridge.


Beat story mode with each character once on any difficulty.

Time Attack Medals (Single Player)​

Prize - Action

Bronze Prize - Beat time attack in under 6:00
Gold Prize - Beat time attack in under 4:30
Silver Prize - Beat time attack in under 5:00

Unlock Hitomi in DOA 2 Ultimate​

To make Hitomi playable in DOA 2 Ultimate, you must first have a Dead Or Alive 3 OR Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball save file on your Xbox Hard Disk or Memory Unit. Once you do, finish Story Mode on Normal difficulty (you may change other settings) with Ein. Hitomi will be playable in all modes except Story Mode.

Unlocking Everything​

On the initial page, you have to use each character and obtain their 3 unique items each, as well as the 4 generic items. You also have to obtain the medal which is dropped after your 50th win on survival (any difficulty) Once you have your first page full on the collection, it will open up a second page, with 15 more items. With each of the 15 fighters again, you must obtain their last unique 'rare' item, and upon doing so, you unlock all costumes, cg gallery and the DOA3 booster pack (for those that don't already have it). My thanks to the DOA boards.

Vertical pain​

You can change the way attacks, throws, and counters are performed by being near a wall. Which all characters can do as in the moves that are throws. The attack and counter moves do not change for all characters when near a wall. This involves the opponents back to be facing the wall or your characters back to be facing the wall and you have to fairly close to wall with some of them and lined up to the wall in a fairly straight line. Refer to command list for each character at the pause menu to see how to perform each move. EX: kasumi's nagi (throw move)that results in her jumping up on top of the opponents head and gives several downward kicks to them in the head as go to the ground. When preformed with her back to a wall it becomes adachi-shizuka. Which results in her grabbing the opponents arm slamming the front of their body into wall the and finishes it with a kick to the middle of their back. With attack moves I only really saw difference in the moves. That involve the character to do jump flip backwards when their back is to a wall and then at the right moment in the jump pressing one of the attack buttons. For the throw moves I only saw a difference when your characters back is to the wall and are countering a mid punch.
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