DC Rainbow Six...having a heck of a time getting it to SB

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I am talking of the first game...not Rogue Spear. The NTSC-U version. This was released as a non-self bootable by NBC back in August of 2000. It has CDDA (34 tracks) and even as a non-self bootable title it nearly maxes an 80 minute disc.

Well, it is the only game I have never been able to get to self boot. I figured the idea would be to rip the BIN and the audio tracks, downsample the audio and put it all back together. But the original cue file is non-standard (multiple audio gaps) and something like bin2boot would not accept it. I tried to re-write the cuesheet and all really looks fine, but bin2boot STILL hates it.

I have a version of this game that is PAL/German, is self bootable, and HAS CDDA tracks intact. So I know it is possible.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, first post ;) I was sent here from someone over at SnesOrama. So...hello all!
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