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Beginner Course Tip

When you drive near the Slot Machine, press: START 3 times. If you get three 7's you'll get 7 seconds of extra time. If you get three Bars you'll get 5 seconds of time.

Expert Course Tips​

If you stop on the last corner the seagulls will get closer to your car. If you drive the second lap in reverse the Statue will be standing on it's hands. If you stop completely near the statue you can make it spin by pressing the Start button repeatedly. When the game starts press the start button repeatedly to make the seagulls get larger.
Hidden Music
Input the following codes:

H.O (to hear music from Hang-On)
V.R. (to hear music from Virtua Racing)
At the High-Score screen.

Extra Time​

On the beginner track there is a slot machine on the top of the stone arch. To play the slot machine, press Start to stop the movement of the wheels. If you get a 777 you'll gain extra time.

Fast Start​

In the transmission selection screen hold the "Start" button down, you will notice that it says "Real Players Only". Keep holding the "Start" button down, until the transmission selection time runs out (You have to choose manual.) From my knowledge this only works on the beginner track. Continue holding the start button down through the whole first lap. If you notice you reach 210 mph just before the Jackpot machine. This will give you at least 2 car lengths lead over other racers that don't do the cheat (if you do it right and don't bump any other cars). This will give you time to get away from the rest of the field and keep on truckin'.

No Computer Opponents​

Hold the start button at the transmission select screen. The words REAL RACERS ONLY will appear across the screen. All of the racers must hold down the START button until they choose the desired transmission for the code to work. When the race starts you will notice that there are no computer racers. If you are playing by yourself pushing the start button will enable you to race in a time trial mode.

Play Slots​

At the beginner stage, when you see the overhead slot machine, press start to play it while driving.

Secret View​

To get an overall view of the race conditions during gameplay hold: START BUTTON, VIEW CHANGE BUTTONS 2, 3 AND 4.

Special Ending​

To view the Special Ending you must finish in third place or better on every course.

Time Attack Mode​

While you are at the Transmission Selection Screen hold: START and press the ACCELERATOR. Now only the cars controlled by players will be on displayed on the track. If you score a high enough score you name will be displayed with a T.A. next to it.
Intermediate Course Tip
If you drive onto the elevated path just before the Pit Road, a billboard will appear stating that you just lost your sponsor.
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