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Easy "Epic!" achievement​

The level cap for your first playthrough is 22, although upon starting a new game, experience previously earned is added. If you have high-quality equipment, you can farm experience to reach level 30 after progressing until the Soul Arbiter's Maze is available. This happens after you acquire the Interdiction ability and the quest to find Judicator. The mini-Boss enemies on floor 10 are the only ones to give experience, with the Bone Giants giving the most.

Easy "The Triple Lindy" achievement​

Go to Tri-Stone, and enter the Foundry. Note: You will reach the Foundry during the "Heart Of The Mountain" story mission. Inside the first room of the Foundry (large circular chamber), take the first path to your left. Climb up and around the narrow passage. You will exit into a larger room with multiple paths. Enter the cavern on the left, and continue forward into the large circular chamber ahead. Inside this larger circular room, continue to go forward, and look for the leftmost tube tunnel. Once you have gone through it, cross the small room's water flow, and exit through the left tube door. Through the passage, turn right to enter a new large rectangular room filled with water. Get on the platforms on the left side of the chamber, and continue to move forward. Once you reach a large doorway leading into another cavern to your right, go that way. Follow the path into an open air courtyard. Inside this courtyard, turn left, and jump into the water below. Swim across to a wall you can climb. Clamber up to the handholds, then use them to cross the pillar right toward the large turning waterwheel. Next to the wheel, grapple upward to another level of climbable wall. Climb up, right, jump across, right some more, and up. Then, look around to find several protruding platforms with openings at the end. Use these to jump down into the waters below. The first jump is just to your right. Turn and find the crude diving board, jumping off the stone platform into the water. Then, climb back up using the same method. The next two dive points are to your left. Jump off all three to get "The Triple Lindy" achievement.

Prequel bonuses​

Have a completed saved game file from the original Darksiders to obtain Chaos Fangs (level 1 scythe) and the Pauldron of the Horseman (level 5 shoulder) from Myria the Shaman in on the east side of Tri-Stone.

Secret Achievements​

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
All You Can Eat Buffet (30 points)Complete Sticks and Stones.
Antiquing (30 points)Complete Lost Relics.
By Your Command (10 points)Collect the Interdiction Stone.
City of the Dead (10 points)Complete City of the Dead.
Clipped Wings (20 points)Defeat Archon.
Crow Carrion (20 points)Defeat the Crowfather.
Death Will Tear Us Apart (10 points)Collect the Soul Splitter.
Diamond Geezertron (10 points)Unlock the final skill in either skill tree.
Dust to Dust (20 points)Defeat the Guardian.
Epic! (10 points)Death Reaches Level 30.
Fire of the Mountain (10 points)Complete Fire of the Mountain.
Gnomad (40 points)Complete GnoMAD.
Heart of the Mountain (10 points)Complete Heart of the Mountain.
I Can Has Cake? (10 points)Collect the Voidwalker.
I've Brought You A Gift (30 points)Defeat the Soul Arbiter.
It's Not Over (20 points)Defeat Samael.
Like a Noss (30 points)Defeat the four creatures named by Thane.
Looks Familiar (10 points)Collect Redemption.
Lord of the Black Stone (10 points)Complete Lord of the Black Stone.
Mass Ruckus (10 points)Equip elite items to all slots.
Pathfinder (10 points)First use of Fast Travel.
Soul Crushing (20 points)Defeat The Wailing Host.
Stains of Heresy (10 points)Complete Stains of Heresy.
Tearing Time A New One (10 points)Collect the Phasewalker.
Tears of the Mountain (10 points)Complete Tears of the Mountain.
The Big Boss (20 points)Defeat Absalom.
The Book of the Dead (10 points)Complete The Book of the Dead.
The Court of Bones (10 points)Defeat Basileus.
The Lord of Bones (10 points)Complete The Lord of Bones.
The Mad Queen (10 points)Complete The Mad Queen.
The Rod of Arafel (10 points)Complete The Rod of Arafel.
The Root Of Corruption (10 points)Open The Well Of Souls.
The Spectral Touch (10 points)Collect Deathgrip.
The Toll of Kings (10 points)Complete The Toll of Kings.
The Triple Lindy (10 points)Complete 3 different high dives in the Foundry.
To Move a Mountain (10 points)Complete To Move a Mountain.
Tree of Life (10 points)Complete Tree of Life.

Soul Arbiter's Maze puzzle solutions​

The Arbiter's Maze is found in the Land Of The Dead, near the City Of The Dead. Inside the Soul Arbiter's Maze, each level has two directions you can take. Follow one set of directions to reach the next level of the maze, or follow the secret directions to find a hidden treasure. Reach the end of the Soul Arbiter's Maze to fight the Soul Arbiter boss. Defeat him to get the Soul Arbiter's Crown.

Level 1
Next Level: North - West
Secret: South - East

Level 2
Next Level: East - South - North
Secret: North - North

Level 3
Next Level: West - East - North - North
Secret: North - South - East

Level 4
Next Level: East - West - North - South
Secret: West - East - North

Level 5
Next Level: West - West - North - East
Secret: West - North - South

Level 6
Next Level: South - East - East - North - North
Secret: East - East - East - South

Level 7
Next Level: South - West - East - East - East
Secret: South - South - West - North - North

Level 8
Next Level: North - West - North - West - East
Secret: North - South - South - East - North

Level 9
Next Level: East - North - East - North - South
Secret: South - West - East - East - North

Level 10
Next Level: West - East - North - South - West
Secret: North - South - East - West

Various Achievements​

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
A Stroll In The Demonic Park (30 points)Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
A True Horseman (60 points)Complete the game on APOCALYPTIC.
Abracadabra (30 points)Open all Death Tombs.
BFA (10 points)Unlock Everything.
Bravo Old Chap (20 points)Defeat Wicked K.
Feeding Time (20 points)Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon.
Four My Brother (60 points)Complete the game on NORMAL.
Full Potential (30 points)Unlock All Combat Moves & Upgrades.
Grim Reaping (30 points)Unlock Reaper Form.
Is There Anyone Else? (30 points)Complete The Crucible.
It's Definitive (70 points)Complete the game on DEATHINITIVE.
Respec Yourself (20 points)Your First Respec.
The Secondary Adventure (50 points)Complete all Secondary Quests.
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