Dark Sector


I converted these codes to BLES00222 from BLUS30116
Credits to @Hiei-YYH for codes & notes

BLES00222 v1.01

[COLOR="blue"]Max Infinite Health[/COLOR]
007750CC 380003E8
007750D4 90090474
007750D8 90090478

OGP = 800904782F800000409D03CC813C0004
COP = [COLOR="red"]380003E8[/COLOR]2F800000[COLOR="red"]9009047490090478[/COLOR]

[COLOR="blue"]Infinite Ammo[/COLOR]
001AB768 39490000
00672364 60000000

OGP = 9124000060000001
COP = [COLOR="red"]60000000[/COLOR]60000001

[COLOR="blue"]Weapons Never Time Out[/COLOR]
00387458 3D20447A
0038745C 91370200
00387468 4BFFFEA8

OGP = D0370200409D01DCC0170204FF800800419CFEA8
COP = [COLOR="red"]3D20447A91370200[/COLOR]C0170204FF800800[COLOR="red"]4BFFFEA8[/COLOR]

[COLOR="blue"]Max Rubles[/COLOR]
0066B378 48AF5B50
0146A130 3D2005F5
0146A134 6129E0FF
0146A138 912301F4
0146A13C 806301F4
0146A140 4B50A4A4

OGP = 806301F47C6307B4
COP = [COLOR="red"]48AF5B50[/COLOR]7C6307B4
OGP = 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002D736572
COP = [COLOR="red"]3D2005F56129E0FF912301F4806301F44B50A4A4[/COLOR]0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002D736572

Note: [COLOR="seagreen"]Shield Always Enabled &  Shift Always Enabled doesn’t work at the same time, only one will work. 
While using both, if you shot you’ll be invisible, while shooting you’ll have Shield[/COLOR]

[COLOR="blue"]Shield Always Enabled[/COLOR]
Note: [COLOR="seagreen"]This one specifically it will only works when you get it this power[/COLOR]
00476E40 C01F0130
00476C34 38000001
00476C3C 981F0158

OGP = C01F013CEC00F028
COP = [COLOR="red"]C01F0130[/COLOR]EC00F028
OGP = 881F01582F800000419E0014
COP = [COLOR="red"]38000001[/COLOR]2F800000[COLOR="red"]981F0158[/COLOR]

[COLOR="blue"]Shift Always Enabled[/COLOR]
Note: [COLOR="seagreen"]Just shot once and you’ll be invisible[/COLOR]
0046B518 38000001
0046B520 981C10B0
0046B524 48000008

OGP = 881C10B0FC00F0902F800000409E0008FC00F050
COP = [COLOR="red"]38000001[/COLOR]FC00F090[COLOR="red"]981C10B0[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]48000008[/COLOR]FC00F050

[COLOR="blue"]Infinite Glaive Time[/COLOR]
00581914 60000000

OGP = D1BE0588409D00C8
COP = [COLOR="red"]60000000[/COLOR]409D00C8
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