CXMB themes not showing in 6.39


I recently upgraded my psp 1001 to 6.39 ME-5, and I got a couple of plugins to work, PRXshot, UMD dump, NesterJ and Snes9x Euphoria. Playing UMD's from ISO also works. So far the thing giving me the most trouble is CXMB. I've tried several different versions of CXMB with several different CTF themes. I also tried using different CFWs, 6.20 PRO-B6 and 6.39 PRO-B6. My problem is that no options for custom themes are showing up in Theme Settings > Theme, or anywhere else..

I've got the cxmb.prx in its own folder on the root of my memory stick, as that is how at least one of the versions I got came packed. I tried moving it to a few other places too. My vsh.txt file looks like this now:
ms0:/seplugins/prxshot/prxshot.prx 1

ms0:/CXMB/cxmb.prx 1

ms0:/seplugins/umd_dump.prx 1

I'm not really sure where to go from here, as I am new at this. If I'm doing anything wrong or there is something else I should try, please let me know.
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