Custom Firmware Extender v3.1 Guide?


I been looking at this thread

And just starting out with Custom Firmware Extender, but the details there are pretty vague, I followed the directions, moved the sepplugins folder, moved the vsh and game text into the folder. When I push select on my PSP I get a nice menu I can change CPU speed and a few other options. But I don't see any mention of screenshots or playing my own music in-game. And I also don't have a menu that pops down like the screenshot.

I know if you want to enable more things you have to add them to the game or vsh text (though I'm not sure if you have to add it to the right one, or if you just add it to both). And if I need to turn of something to allow me to play my own music in game, do I just have to guess which one of the prx files it is? Some of their names mean nothing to me, so how do I know what they do? Looked up a few guides, but doesn't really seem to be a thread explaining how this works too much, so any help would be greatly appriciated.
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