Controller port problems

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I bought a third party controller, made by Performance. It proceeded to fry my controller ports. I have read everything from replacing the "5 ohm resistor" at location F1 on the controller PCB with a 10 ohm resistor, to replacing the ".39 amp pico fuse" at location F1 on the controller PCB with a .5-1.5 amp pico fuse.

OK. So is it a resistor or a fuse that I need to replace at location F1? And how do I keep third party controllers from doing similar damage in the future?

Another guy suggested simply twisting the blown resistor/fuse to make the wire legs contact each other. I did that as a temporary fix, but using my Performance controller renders my DC useless for about a minute or two until excess voltage dissipates. So I can only successfully use my stock DC controller until I get this fixed.

Anyone with the correct repair for this situation?
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