Contra 4AR Codes

<br>Action Replay Codes & Codebreaker Codes for the NDS


A couple codes to get things started

Arcade Mode:
99 Lives
221CD800 00000063

99 Continues
221CD802 00000063
Game ID: YCTE-8C13221A
Source: Codejunkies

Max Score
021cd804 3b9ac9ff

Infinite Lives
221cd800 00000063

Infinite Continues
221cd802 00000063


Always Bill Rizer
22269865 00000001

Always Lance Bean
22269865 00000002

Always Mad Dog
22269865 00000003

Always Scorpion
22269865 00000004

Always Green Silhouette (Glitch)
22269865 00000005


All Challenges Unlocked
2226986f 000000ff
02269870 ffffffff

All Challenges Complete
02269868 ffffffff
1226986c 0000ffff

All Bonus Content
12269876 0000ffff
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