Comrades revision of Echelon SegaGen / SSP Vol 1.5

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Echelon/Comrade SegaGen 2012 aka SegaSmashPack Vol 2
Special Thanks to Comrade !

Select 5 games out of 10 game options above in poll ^ or type suggestions. Vote or type what games should be added to 25 I want on. I guess the votes and or a civil debate will decide. Here are the roms I have on it, my top 25, but since the community is interested in it too maybe you can agree on a public version with 30 games and I'll just download our top 30 version too (instead of my 25) and save Comrade time, but 99% of list are classic to me, but I'm willing to change some things so 5 to 7 most requested will go on list :

Echelon, Comrade Snarky, Dj Vectorman and
Present :
SSP Volume 1.5 / SegaGen 2012

Coming soon.

How to make custom DC Genesis Echelon Emu - Page 3 -
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