Chocolate Doom ported to the PS Vita

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As the name implies, it’s a source port of DOOM that aims to be as compatible as possible with the original version of DOOM. This means that Chocolate Doom doesn’t have the mind-boggling features that other source ports such as Zandronum and GZDoom have achieved with mods but don’t worry, it still has some extras!

Like many source ports, Chocolate Doom doesn’t only support the legendary DOOM but it supports:

DOOM, DOOM II, Final DOOM and Ultimate DOOM (4th episode of the original game). These games really don’t need an introduction!

The PSVita finally gets a much more robust DOOM port with Chocolate Doom!
Chex Quest. The cereal box version of DOOM for kids
Hexen and its “Deathknights of the Dark Citadel” expansion pack
“Hacx” and “The Master Levels for DOOM II” expansion packs

To get Chocolate Doom, simply open VHBB on your PSVita and install it from there as it’s available on VitaDB. You also get shareware files for Doom and Heretic included so you can start playing straight away. If you have the files for the full games, simply copy them to ux0:/data/chocolate

Wololo /talk thread (more information + download link):
[RELEASE] Chocolate Doom (also supports Heretic, Hexen and Strife) -

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