ChickHen help. Freezes and turns off


Hi Guys.

I have a phat psp 1000. I have updated to 5.03 and Im trying to use chickHEN R2. My problem is, no matter how many times Ive tried (must be 100 attempts now) the psp freezes and turns off. Can anone help?

I have the files on the memory stick like so

H-Bin file in the root of the card (files that contains mp-root , picture , psp and video

Eggsploit file in psp , photo , phat.

as soon as I enter the photo, phat file the memory card indicator light comes on and it freezes for 10-15 seconds and it shuts down

any help would be mucho apprciated.

Sorry if this is a typical noob question. I have hacked psp 1000 before but it was back in the early days.

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