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TopActivator 1 P1Code MasterD0067D18 00??
TopActivator 1 P1 #2Viper187D00753A4 00??
TopActivator 1 P2Viper187D0067D1E 00??
TopActivator 1 P2 #2Viper187D00753AC 00??
TopActivator 1 P3Viper187D0067D24 00??
TopActivator 1 P3 #2Viper187D00753B4 00??
TopActivator 1 P4Viper187D0067D2A 00??
TopActivator 1 P4 #2Viper187D00753BC 00??
TopActivator 2 P1Code MasterD0067D19 00??
TopActivator 2 P1 #2Viper187D00753A5 00??
TopActivator 2 P2Viper187D0067D1F 00??
TopActivator 2 P2 #2Viper187D00753AD 00??
TopActivator 2 P3Viper187D0067D25 00??
TopActivator 2 P3 #2Viper187D00753B5 00??
TopActivator 2 P4Viper187D0067D2B 00??
TopActivator 2 P4 #2Viper187D00753BD 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 1 P1Viper187D0067D1A 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 1 P1 #2Viper187D00753A6 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 1 P2Viper187D0067D20 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 1 P2 #2Viper187D00753AE 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 1 P3Viper187D0067D26 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 1 P3 #2Viper187D00753B6 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 1 P4Viper187D0067D2C 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 1 P4 #2Viper187D00753BE 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 2 P1Viper187D0067D1B 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 2 P1 #2Viper187D00753A7 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 2 P2Viper187D0067D21 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 2 P2 #2Viper187D00753AF 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 2 P3Viper187D0067D27 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 2 P3 #2Viper187D00753B7 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 2 P4Viper187D0067D2D 00??
TopControl Stick Activator 2 P4 #2Viper187D00753BF 00??
TopDual Activator P1Code MasterD1067D18 00??
TopDual Activator P1 #2Viper187D10753A4 ????
TopDual Activator P2Viper187D1067D1E ????
TopDual Activator P2 #2Viper187D10753AC ????
TopDual Activator P3Viper187D1067D24 ????
TopDual Activator P3 #2Viper187D10753B4 ????
TopDual Activator P4Viper187D1067D2A ????
TopDual Activator P4 #2Viper187D10753BC ????
TopDual Control Stick Activator P1Viper187D1067D1A ????
TopDual Control Stick Activator P1 #2Viper187D10753A6 ????
TopDual Control Stick Activator P2Viper187D1067D20 ????
TopDual Control Stick Activator P2 #2Viper187D10753AE ????
TopDual Control Stick Activator P3Viper187D1067D26 ????
TopDual Control Stick Activator P3 #2Viper187D10753B6 ????
TopDual Control Stick Activator P4Viper187D1067D2C ????
TopDual Control Stick Activator P4 #2Viper187D10753BE ????
TopInfinite Time (Level 1)Code Master80304C83 0078With these codes, only use the codes for the level you are going to play.
TopInfinite Time (Level 10)Code Master8030C802 0384
TopInfinite Time (Level 11)Code Master812FF7E2 0078
TopInfinite Time (Level 12)Code Master813101B2 0078
TopInfinite Time (Level 13)Code Master81302D12 0078
TopInfinite Time (Level 14)Code Master81307D42 00B4
TopInfinite Time (Level 15)Code Master8130A052 00B4
TopInfinite Time (Level 16)Code Master8130A9D2 00B4
TopInfinite Time (Level 17)Code Master81312A52 0078
TopInfinite Time (Level 18)Code Master8130B692 0384
TopInfinite Time (Level 19)Code Master81307B02 0078
TopInfinite Time (Level 2)Code Master80305EC3 00C8
TopInfinite Time (Level 20)Code Master81304F02 0258
TopInfinite Time (Level 21)Code Master812FE442 00F0
TopInfinite Time (Level 22)Code Master81309FA2 00F0
TopInfinite Time (Level 23)Code Master81307732 012C
TopInfinite Time (Level 24)Code Master81309722 012C
TopInfinite Time (Level 25)Code Master8130A092 0078
TopInfinite Time (Level 3)Code Master8030BC43 00C8
TopInfinite Time (Level 4)Code Master8030D2D3 00C8
TopInfinite Time (Level 5)Code Master8030B6E3 00C8
TopInfinite Time (Level 6)Code Master80306EB3 00C8
TopInfinite Time (Level 7)Code Master803002E3 00C8
TopInfinite Time (Level 8)Code Master80308AD3 00C8
TopInfinite Time (Level 9)Code Master803043F2 01F4
TopStop Timer From Counting Down (All Levels)Viper1878101D4FC 2400
TopTimer Doesn't Decrease When Charlie Is HitViper1878100BB28 2400

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