CFW and PSN compatability questions and more...


I'm new to modding a PSP and I think I pretty much figured out how to mod my PSP 1001 (6.60 OFW) using these two tutorials (I'm posting them just in case you guys find that there is something wrong or outdated about them)

My main question is what CFW should I get? And can I upgrade/downgrade to/from any CFW from/to any CFW? What I'm mainly looking for in a CFW is:

A) Can play ISO/CSO

B) Can at least use infrastructure (it'd be best to have full PSN compatibility though)

C) Can play recent UMDs (Like Monsters Deluxe)

D) Can play official PSN downloads (like Patapon 3 and MHFU)

E) Perhaps most importantly should run ad-hoc and MUST be stable and not be full of glitches

I'm wondering if all that is possible and would like the link to the CFW that can do all of the above or have an alternative to one of the above(maybe B isn't necesarry though) Thank you in advance for any helpful replies!

I don't really care that much about homebrew games/apps and I'm really newbie, so that is why I'm asking you guys for a CFW reccomendation (There are so many on this site and I know so little...)
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