Centurion Defender of Rome

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final kaoss

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Initial Talents--money:
2 8XTA-RCAE A good starter (500)
3 7DTA-RGAE A big headstart (1,000)
4 VDTA-SGAE A major advantage (5,000)
Initial Rank--determines how many legions or fleets you control:
5 K53A-RCDE Centurion
6 K53A-REDE Tribune
7 K53A-RGDE Legatus
8 K53A-RJDE General
9 K53A-RLDE Praetor
10 K53A-RNDE Consul
11 K53A-RRDE Proconsul
12 ACEA-AA4T Almost always prevent the populace
under the Roman heel from going
into revolt
13 HTST-BAG4 + NAST-AAG6 Increase the courage of your legions
14 AXHT-AA6C Enable your chariot to take corners
at any speed
15 DM1T-CA46 Fire ship catapult faster
16 HXTA-RJ2J Start with maximum honor
17 APOT-AAF4 Speed up battles slightly
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