CDDA games problems!

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Good morning to everyone!
I'm writing here since I've got a problem with DC cdda games.
I ripped some of my games (some with, some without cdda), but I've got some difficulties in finalizing cdda games.
I mean, I'm trying to integrate cdda tracks into three games (Sega GT, Wetrix+ and Gigawing 1), and I already have the selfboot CDI! I tried even with wavinject by Megalex, renaming trackXX.wav in cdda_XXXX.wav, but it didn't worked.
I'm using Windows 7 (64bit), and I found some tools. like binboot.exe, bincon.exe, and (maybe) cdda.exe don't work on it, so I had to use them on a Windows 98 virtual OS.
Have You got any solutions to integrate audio into cdi files?
Is there a guide on how to do with cdda games, compatible even with Windows 7 and 8 even in 64 versions?
Thank You very much to everyone will want to help me!!!
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