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Alternate costumes​

Rescue two children with Henry, and complete and save the game to unlock an alternate costume for Cornell.
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Fight against Renon​

Spend over 30,000 gold buying items during the game to fight against Renon the winged demon.
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Get The Crest half A in second stage​

First, you must have activated the ledge that is brought up by the correct order of the switches. Also, be sure to have the rose garden key. Use a sun card if it is not morning out, then go to the rose garden and you should see a red rose in the center area with white roses, press the grab button and you will recieve the Thorn key. Take the key to maze garden, and go to the locked fence. Open it and get the rose. Once you have the rose, be sure to take it the top of the water fountain, and place it in there. You will then obtain the half crest A.
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Hard difficulty setting​

Rescue three children with Henry, and complete and save the game. Then, start a new game using the saved game file to access the hard difficulty setting.
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Hidden Villa Items​

When in the Villa (inside the castle) you notice a chandeleer hanging from the ceiling. Climb the stairs, face it, and use your long distance attack. After about 3 hits it will shatter revealing chicken, a cure ampoule, gold, and a red jewel.
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In the hedge maze if you kill the demon that chases henry he will give you and item like a rosted chiken leg. If you keep killing him after he gets back up you can get more chiken legs (up to 10) and items.
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Locations of the 6 children​

Child 1:
The first Child is located down some platforms near the switches to raise the hidden footholds, after decending shoot the wall and follow the path

Child 2:
The second Child is in the tower with no floor when you enter the castle gate when you get to the 4 rotating spiked platforms there is a ledge with the child in the center

Child 3:
The third Child is in the hedgemaze near the area you needed the rose broach to open, there is an alcove with the child

Child 4:
The forth Child is in the caves, after getting off the blue platform go over the pits to the right, at the end should be a moon door with the child in it (NOTE: to exit the cave defeat the spider queen located to the right after exiting the room with the child)

Child 5:
On the outer wall after riding the first platform up you are under a small decorative overhang, if you jump to the edge jutting out from the arch you will be right next to the child (NOTE: As before you must defeat the harpie at the end of the level in order to procede to the next level)

Child 6:
Procede through the underground waterway as best you can, avoiding the falling floors, keep turning right and you will go up some stairs and cross a broken bridge look for an alcove to the left of the bridge and jump to it, you are at the last child.
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Play as Henry​

Successfully complete the game with Cornell and save the game after the credits. Then, load the saved game to play as Henry. Henry must save seven children within seven days.
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Play as Reinhardt​

Successfully complete the game with Henry and save the game after the credits. Then, load the saved game to play as Reinhardt from Castlevania 64.
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Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness has a hidden Konami code!

This "Konami Code" is a little more complicated than the usual up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start that you're used too with the nes, snes, & gameboy castlevania titles. Let's get started!
It's a bit different from the classic version, but here's how to unlock all characters, outfits, and hard mode:

  • Use the Control Stick (C-stick) to press Up four times, then Down four times.
  • Move the C-stick Left twice, then Right twice, repeat this pattern again (Left twice, Right twice).
  • Finally, hold down both the L and R shoulder buttons and press the Z trigger.
But wait, there's more! This code has variations that offer other benefits:

  • Max Out Inventory: Perform the C-stick directions as usual. However, for the final part, things get tricky depending on your game region (US, Europe, or Japan). You'll need to press a combination of L, R, Z, and all four C buttons simultaneously (good luck with that N64 controller!).
  • Get 99 Jewels: After the C-stick directions, simply press all four C buttons again with the Z trigger.
  • Max Out Power-Ups and Subweapons: Finish the code with L and R buttons held, then press the D-pad down and left, followed by the corresponding C buttons (Down and Left) with the Z trigger.
These codes are a secret way to experience Legacy of Darkness with everything unlocked or a power boost. Remember, the "Max Out Inventory" code requires different button combinations depending on your game version.
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