Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (Europe) (En,Fr,De)

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final kaoss

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TopAccess Warp GatesMadCatzE76A3C299742
Press Start+Up on Map screen to access gates.
TopAccess Warp Gateslikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer74000130 03B7
32000064 0007
32000378 00FF
With this code, enter Map screen then press Start+Up to access Warp Gates.
TopAll Abilitieslikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer82013392 FFFF
32013394 00FF
TopAll Enemy Datalikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer420133A0 FFFF
00000017 0002
TopAlways Rush/Guardlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer32013261 00F4With this code, it combines attributes Black Panther, Final Guard, Undine(default) and Skula(hold Down+Jump to Walk underwater.)
TopComplete Maplikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer420000B6 FFFF
0000013F 0002
TopComplete Soul SetMadCatz7B29118592D1
TopComplete Soul Setlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer4201331C FFFF
00000032 0002
TopEnable Code (Must Be On)likk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer00008193 000A
100008B0 0007
TopHave All AbilitiesMadCatzE9B31B903931
TopHave All Enemy DataMadCatz48C008D84BF2
TopHave All EquipmentMadCatzE03EA37B854D
TopHave All Equipmentlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer420132B4 0101
00000034 0002
TopHave All ItemsMadCatzC07EA27B954C
TopHave All Itemslikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer42013294 0101
00000010 0002
TopHave Complete MapMadCatz5FD3068C5BF3
TopInfinite Double JumpsMadCatz182D61ED859F
TopInfinite Double Jumpslikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer720004F4 1006
320004F4 0002
With this code, you must have the 'Double Jump' ability turned on.
TopInfinite HPMadCatzE03E2BD8355D
TopInfinite HPlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer8201327A 270F
TopInfinite MPMadCatzF22C21CC175D
TopInfinite MPlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer8201327C 270F
TopMax CONlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer82013284 270F
TopMax Experiencelikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer8201328C E0FF
8201328E 05F5
TopMax Goldlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer82013290 423F
82013292 000F
TopMax INTlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer82013286 270F
TopMax LCKlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer82013288 7F00
TopMax STRlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer82013282 270F
TopMaximum CONMadCatz53C53005CEAE
TopMaximum ExperienceMadCatzFA2829C43311
TopMaximum GoldMadCatz69853111CEE3
TopMaximum HPMadCatzF23E23CC355D
TopMaximum HPlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer8201327E 270F
TopMaximum INTMadCatz53D73205ECAE
TopMaximum LCKMadCatz1FD7D627EDEC
TopMaximum MPMadCatz41C53811CEAE
TopMaximum MPlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer82013280 270F
TopMaximum STRMadCatz41D73A11ECAE
TopPress R+B+Up To Open Mist Doorlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer74000130 02BD
8200037E 9871
With this code, Press the required button combo when in front of the Mist Door.
TopReset Game TimerMadCatz2997E333FEAC
TopReset Game Timerlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer820000AC 0000
820000AE 0000
TopSprint x2MadCatzBA3DEB6E1548
TopSprint X2likk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, ShimerD0000020 0010
8200052E 0002
D0000020 0020
8200052E FFFD
TopTransparentlikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer8200055C 0000
TopUnlock SpecialMadCatzC58415904C7F
Save with code on to access Boss Mode.
TopUnlock Speciallikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer32000060 000F
320000A1 0001
With this code, to access Boss Mode you must Save your game with this code on.
TopWeak Final Bosslikk, Radical Dreamer,KingEdgar0, Shimer7200140C 05DC
8200140C 0000
72001598 07D0
82001598 0000
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz911B9B36BC7C

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