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  • Alternate ending sequence
To see the true ending, obtain three of the souls described in the books Flame Demon, Succubus, Giant Bat. Then, battle the first Graham equipped with the three souls. After the two battles, the castle will recognize Soma as Dracula and will let you continue to battle Chaos in Chaos Realm. To get there, go to clock tower (with look-alike rooms). Those rooms are like three floors, and if you go to another room, it looks alike. To go the sealed door, go room to room by going right. Once you get to a different room with Rippers and those flying things, go down and find the room sealed with mist. Julius is inside. After the fight, you will be able to battle Chaos in Chaos Realm. Defeat it to end the game. To see the best ending, equip the three souls as described above, then defeat both Bosses after defeating Graham. To see the good ending, equip the three souls as described above, then defeat the first Boss after defeating Graham, but lose to the second Boss. To see the bad ending, do not collect the Flame Demon, Succubus, or Giant Bat souls.
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  • Boss Rush items
Completed too slowly: Simple potion
Less than four minutes: Valmanway Sword
Four to-five minutes: Positron Rifle
Five to six minutes: Excalibur Sword
Completed quickly, but already had the items above: Simple potion
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  • Boss Rush mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Boss Rush" option under the "Special" menu at the title screen. You are timed on how long it takes you to fight through all the Bosses from the game. Items are obtained depending on how long it took to defeat all the Bosses. Each can only be obtained once. A Potion is the reward if you get a time you got once before.
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  • Chaos Ring
Have 100% of all the souls, then go to the Chaotic Realm. At the room were you find the first Alastro (the invisible creature with the big sword), go to the room that is on the top left corner. You will find the Chaos Ring, which gives you unlimited MP while equipped.
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  • Defeating Graham
You need the weapons Death Scythe and Silver Gun for this trick. In hard mode when you encounter Graham, equip your Death Scythe in the first encounter with the soul Giant Bat. Keep hitting Graham with your scythe, use the Giant Bat soul when necessary to dodge his attacks. When he moves to the center and makes his meteors revolve around the room, equip the Silver Gun and move to the far right. This way, you will not get hurt. Keep shooting him until he goes down. When he goes to his ultimate mode, equip your scythe again and keep low, striking while holding Down. Slide when necessary to avoid the laser at the top. Killing Graham this way will result in minimal damage and a fast kill.
Re: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

  • Defeating Iron Golem
Use the Killer Mantle Soul. The Iron Golem will go down very easily.
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  • Do not use Items
Enter NOUSE as your name.
  • Do not use Souls
Enter NOSOUL as your name.
  • Easy experience
When you are in the Chaos Realm, equip your Roginus' Spear and the soul Erinys. When you encounter a Shadow Knight, kill him. You will gain roughly 3,300 experience points per kill. If you are near a door when you kill him, enter and exit to encounter the Shadow Knight again to keep getting experience.
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  • Easy money
After defeating Julius Belmont, you can enter the Chaotic Realm. About two save rooms inside the Chaotic Realm, there will be a place that resembles the area before you first fought the "Manticore". There will be a lamp that will always drop an enemy called Mimic which looks like a blue money bag. Mimic's Soul ability gives you money every time you get damaged. The amount of damage you get is the same amount of money you receive. Keep killing it to get its soul. Once you have Mimic's soul, go outside of Chaotic Realm and warp to "The Arena". Save and rest at the save room and equip the Mimic's soul. Go to the elevator and choose your torture room. The middle one is recommended as it is faster for you to lose life. Be sure to always visit the save room whenever your life is too low. Use this method to get the Soul Eater ring that costs 300,000 (allows you to acquire souls with ease). This is the best way to get fast money.
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  • Hard mode
Successfully complete the game with the "Good" ending. When you start a new game, you can choose either the normal or hard difficulty. There are new items in hard mode, such as Kaiser KnuckleDeath's RobeDeath Sickle.
  • New family member
Complete the game using Soma. Now when you start a new game use the following name: Julius.
Re: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

  • Shoot fireballs
When you have the Fire Demon, Giant Bat, and Succubus souls equipped, you can shoot fireballs as a bat just like Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.
  • Sound mode
Successfully complete the game with the "Good" ending to unlock the "Sound" option under the "Special" menu at the title screen.
  • Toy duck
In the arena of the bath of Lilith and Sucubus, go up above the save point (the only one in the area ), then go right to see a toy duck.
  • Transform into Dracula
Defeat Graham with the Flame Demon, Giant Bat, and Succubus souls equiped. When you defeat him, you will transform into Dracula. Note: There is a "Dracula's Tunic" in the next room.
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