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Controls 2
How to use Floating Menus 4
Controller Configuration 4
Memory Cards 5
Saving 6
Loading 6
Deleting 7
Sound 7
Introduction 9
Game Specs 10
Characters 11
Morphing 13
Items/Actions 15
Exploring 16
Walk Through 17
Credits 20

Square: Text - When you spot something interesting in the game, such as an item or a painting
frame, press J while Casper is standing (or is that floating?) next to it to find out more about

X: Action - for use when Casper finds something interesting that he can't place in his inventory
(ie. a switch or a door) and you'd like to see what it does. By pressing the X button, you can
activate switches, search for hidden objects, open doors, or push/pull/use objects.

Circle: Use - Allows Casper to morph into the selected form, as represented by an icon you've
found and placed in your inventory; you'll need to assume various shapes and forms to solve some
of the puzzles in Whipstaff Manor. Circle also lets you drop objects that you no longer want or
need; in addition, when you find a color-coded key, you can take it to the same-colored door and
press Circle to use the key to unlock that door.

Triangle: Inventory - This opens the Inventory Screen, where all of the items and morphs are
stored. Use the Directional buttons to scroll through the Inventory and press the Square button
to obtain a text description of the item. The magnifying glass denotes which object you are
looking at and also which you would use should you press the Circle button.
hint - When picking up jigsaw pieces - so many puzzles - use the text option to help you decide
which piece belongs to which puzzle.
Start - enter options Menu

R1 - Make Casper float higher
L1 - Make Casper float lower
R2 - Scroll Inventory items right in-game
L2 - Scroll Inventory items left in-game

How To use The Floating Menus
All of the menu functions have been designed to float just like Casper

Use the Directional buttons to move between each option. Your chosen option will be pushed
forward -. when the option you want is floating in the foreground, press the X button to confirm
your selection

As a general note, pressing the ((triangle)) button will return you to the previously selected
menu, if there is one This will allow you to escape from menus without having to make a

Controller Configuration (Main Menu)
The controls for Casper will be as shown on page 3; however, should you prefer, two other con-
troller configurations are offered. Using the method outlined above, select Controller and move
between the desired configurations until you have selected the one you want, Press the X button to

Configuration 1 is the default setting as shown on page 3.
Configuration 2:
L1 = Icons Left L2 = Icons Right
R1 = float higher R2 = float Lower
X = Action Circle = Use
Square= Text Triangle = Inventory

Configuration 3:
L1 = float Lower L2 = Icons Left
R1 = float higher R2 = Icons Right
X = Text Circle = Action
Square= Use Square = Inventory

The configuration will be stored when Casper is saved.

New Game
This option allows the user to start a new Casper game without loading an exist-
ing game or new game slot.

The user is free to save or quit as he wishes (please consult the memory card section).

Memory Cards

1. Please insert a memory card into Memory Card Slot I before you press Play, If you do not have
a memory card, just press the X button when prompted.

2. Please note: Casper will only save to/load from Memory Card Slot 1. See the diagram on page
2 of this manual if you are unsure where this is located.

3. Casper can only save to formatted memory cards, Don't worry if you insert an unformatted card
-you will receive full instructions, You can also consult your console manual about using the
memory card manager.

4. Casper requires two free memory-card blocks in order to be able to save -- if your memory card
has enough space, you will be able to save up to four games.

5. If your memory card is full, a message will be displayed telling you that unless you
use the memory card manager to delete some save files, you will be unable to save
Casper on that memory card. Please consult your console manual for details on
deleting game files.

If you wish to save your game, press the START button to display the Pause Game menu.
Select the Save option and you should be presented with a number of save slots, depending
on how many free blocks your memory card has. The boxes will either display Game I, Game
2, etc. or Empty - you can save to any slot,

Highlight your chosen slot and press the X button to confirm. If the slot was previously empty, you
will hear Casper say "Game saved." If the slot contained a previous game, you will be asked to con-
firm your wish to overwrite it - by using the Directional buttons you can choose YES of NO,
Selecting YES will overwrite the previous save and Casper will say "Game Saved"; selecting NO will
return you to the previous menu. Press the X button to confirm your selection.

(a) Select Play (in the Main Menu) to display your saved games.. you did remember to put the mem-
ory card into Memory Card Slot I, didn't you? Choose a game and press the X button to confirm.

(b) Press the START button during the game at any time to display the Pause menu. Select the Load
option and then the game you wish to restore, You will be asked to confirm that you wish to either
start a new game or a previously saved one - press the X button to confirm. If you selected YES,
Casper will load the chosen game; if you selected NO, Casper will return you to the previous menu,

This function only deletes CASPER save games!

Press the START button during the game at any time to display the Pause menu.
Select the Delete option and then the game you wish to delete, You will be asked to con-
firm your choice = press the X button to confirm. If you selected YES, Casper will delete
the chosen game; if you selected NO, Casper will return you to the previous menu,

You may play Casper with the default sound setting:
Music And Sound Effects, Or, if you wish, you can turn
off either the music or the sound effects or both,
Select the Sound option from the Pause menu and con-
firm your sound settings, pressing the X button to con-
firm. These settings will be kept when Casper is saved.

Buccaneers and buried gold. Whipstaff doth a treasure hold.

Welcome to Whipstaff
Manor. where spectres
haunt the halls and
humans are most defi-
nitely NOT wanted. for
more than a century the
ghostly inhabitants have
done a fine job of scaring
away "Fleshies," keeping
Whipstaff to themselves just the way they
like it: dusty, cobwebbed, and deserted.

All that, however, is about to change. Whipstaff has changed hands; the stately old mansion
now belongs to ill- tempered heiress Carrigan Crittenden, According to the deed, "buccaneers and
buried gold. Whipstaff doth a treasure hold." Carrigan is determined to get her hands on that
treasure, and what Carrigan wants, Carrigan gets.

Unfortunately for her, she's not the only spoiled brat at Whipstaff - what the GHOSTS want, the
ghosts GET! They want Whipstaff to themselves, and unlike the manor's new fleshie owner, they've
been getting their way for over a hundred years!

Thwarted from her gold-hunting and driven out of the mansion by the spectral antics. a
disgruntled Carrigan seeks an expert and finds one: psychiatrist Dr. James Harvey, possibly the only
"therapist to the dead" in the world. He moves into the mansion with his twelve-year old daughter
Kat, prepared to deal with the ghosts on their own obnoxious terms...

You play Casper, youngest of the Whipstaff ghosts. The other three are your odious uncles,
Stretch, Stinkie. and fatso, who love nothing better than to scare the heck out of any Fleshie who
dares set foot inside their haunted mansion, However, as far as you're concerned, the afterlife is the
worst. You're bored and lonely, and you just don't enjoy frightening people.

Casper is an adventure game in which you explore the halls and rooms of Whipstaff Manor
as Casper the friendly Ghost. fly using the control pad (see CONTROLS on page 2) you can move
Casper around, pick up, carry, and use objects, solve puzzles, reassemble torn paintings to obtain
secret items, and morph into a wild variety of shapes and forms.

Unlike in many other games in which you only have a certain amount of time or "lives," Casper
cannot die (again) and there is no time limit, so you can experiment and snoop to your heart's
content. However, if you should fail to solve a puzzle and lose all your Morph Points (ie. if one of
your interfering uncles thinks it would be funny to imitate an undertaker and whack you with a
shovel) you'll be sent back to the beginning of the game, at the mansion's front hail. Don't
worry -- opened doors stay open and solved puzzles stay solved.

Your first goal as Casper is to search the manor for tokens of friendship to give to the Harveys.
It's up to you to choose the right gifts and good deeds to gain their trust, because with your uncles
AND Carrigan standing in your way, you need a friend more than ever. In other words, you're
probably going to need Kat's help for the next stage of the game...

Our hero, the character you guide through the game with the
control pad -- a cheerful. happy-go-lucky young ghost who wants nothing
more than to be accepted You II guide him through Whipstaff Manor on
his quest for friendship and a second chance at life.

Ringleader of the Ghostly Trio Casper's three fleshie-hating uncles An
arrogant, no-nonsense mischievous bully who likes Whipstaff the way its
supposed to be: uninhabited.

Short, nasty, and able to contort his face and body in the wildest of ways, he's
definitely the meanest of the Trio...but he always does what Stretch tells him to do.

The ghost with the most. What more can we say?
Compulsive, selfish, and jolly in his own way he loves a good
joke = even at his own expense -- and a good meal

Kathleen "Kat" Harvey
Daughter of the psychiatrist sent to figure out the haunted
goings-on at Whipstaff. If you can convince her that Casper is a friendly
ghost, she may prove to be a useful ally and a true friend.

Dr. James Harvey
The world's only "therapist to the dead." Dr. Harvey was a normal psychia-
trist until the untimely death of his wife Amelia. He'll need every scrap of
his famed patience and compassion to put up with the Ghostly Trio!

Camgan Crittenden
The spoiled grasping inheritor of Whipstaff Manor. She thinks there's treasure
hidden somewhere within those ancient walls, and she'll stop at nothing to get it.

There are lots of things for Casper to do. but sometimes being just plain 01' Casper won't do
trick. To accomplish his mission, he must learn how to "morph" - to change his ghostly shape! As
you search through the mansion you will find a number of Morph Icons, which are little
pictures of new shapes and forms Casper can then change into, if you like. Some of the different
shapes Casper can assume (if you find the appropriate Morph Icons) are:

Trans forms Casper in to a 20-ft Casper into a screwdriver
version of himself
HAMMER Turns Casper into a rubber ball
UTurns Casper into a hammer
WHIRL WIND Turns Casper into a puff
Turns Casper into a little tornado of mist

Turns Casper into a fan

Turns Casper into a lightbulb

Turns Casper into a buzzsaw

To select and use a morph you've picked up, press Start to enter your inventory and use
the directional buttons to move the magnifying glass to the one you want to use. If you're
good you can press the L2 button or R2 button to scroll the items in the bottom left of
the playing screen. When you're sure you've selected the right morph for the job and that you have
enough Morph Points to pull it off, press 0. Search the manor carefully --you might even find secret
However, each morph costs a certain amount of Morph Points to maintain. You can store up Morph
Points slowly by simply letting them build up. but it's much quicker to look for some munchies to
build up energy - Casper may not need to eat. but a good healthy snack does increase his collection
of Morph Points. When you bump Casper into a food item, it is automatically "eaten" and its Morph
Points are added to your point total. Here's a list of the
different types of food you can collect:

Glass of milk Apple
5 Morph Points 25 Morph Points

Tuna sandwich Carrot
10 Morph Points 50 Morph Points

Banana Broccoli
5 Morph Points 50 Morph Points

You can pick up a number of interesting (and quite possibly useful) objects
scattered around the house. Non-food items are automatically added to your inventory
when Casper bumps into them. To select and use an item you've already collected,
press the Triangle button to enter your inventory, then use the direc-
tional buttons to move the magnifying glass to indicate the item you
want to use.

You'll want to keep your eyes open for keys. There are two different
kinds: iron keys which unlock doors, and brass keys to unlock chests.
Keys are stored in your inventory and can only be used once, because
they're so old that they break and crumble in the lock the first time
they're used. You should also be on the lookout for scraps of paintings; an
empty picture frame means that the painting which used to be there has been
cut into four pieces and hidden somewhere in Whipstaff Manor. To put a
piece back into the frame, float up to the frame, select the fragment from
your inventory, and press Circle, If you can locate all four matching pieces and
reassemble them within the frame, you will be rewarded with a prize! fools'
Gold Coins can be used to lure Carrigan off of your trail. To distract the greedy
heiress, select a coin in your inventory and press Circle to toss it. If you find a
bucket, you can fill it with water by locating a sink with a faucet. Stand next
to the sink, select the bucket from your inventory, and press Circle to fill it to the
brim. To dump the water out, select the bucket again and press
Circle. Now, how can you use a bucket full of water..?

Doors: Locked doors can be opened with iron keys

Chests: fastened chests can be unlocked with brass keys.

Furniture: Some light pieces, like barrels and chairs, can be moved. Stand
Casper in front of the item of furniture and press X to give it a try. Some furniture
cannot be shifted at all, and some might be moveable if Casper was a little
stronger. Hmmm...

Fireplaces: You never know where a chimney will lead.. but before you can
check out the inside of a fireplace you'll have to put out
the fire first.

Sinks: You can carry water away from here by choosing the bucket
from your inventory and pressing 0 to fill it,

Switches: There are three different kinds of switches and buttons in the
*push button *switch weight *switch lever
Multiple switches can usually be operated by flipping them in a cer
tam on/off pattern, for example, if you find three switches in front
of you, perhaps turning the first one on. the second one on. and the
third one off may trigger open a secret passage or a hidden compartment! You'll
have to be clever-- Whipstaff Manor is full of secrets and surprises, and some
times a key combination might be as innocent as a set of lamps or a chest of

The Following Gives Away the First
Major Puzzle of the Game.

Select New Game and wait for Casper to say what he has to say. When
the "Loading" screen flicks off, you'll find yourself, as Casper. floating
in the middle of the Main Hall. over a floor
patterned like a spiral. There's some broccoli below
you - using the directional pad, move Casper down to grab both
pieces for a quick boost to your morph energy reserves.

Okay. Move up a bit, towards the top of the
screen. See that empty picture frame? Your first goal is to find all four missing pieces and bring
em back, Head to your left, through the archway and past the fireplace. Pick up the iron door key
you see there and head up through the door the key was lying in front of -- press X to unlock and
open it. Head straight up; to your right is a door that you can't open without another key. Go left
instead and push X when you're floating before the lever you'll find there, forget the door--this
makes the whole wall slide open! In the secret room behind that wall is a brass key (good for open-
ing chests) and the first puzzle piece. You're one fourth of the way there!

A suit of armor, hmm? Isn't there always something weird about suits of armor in
haunted houses? Get over there and press Square to examine it. Ah hahl A loose spear! Press X to pull
on the spear and release the door above you. (Note: if you ever have trouble reaching something to
activate it, fiddle around with your altitude buttons = the ones on the front of your controller, where
your index fingers are = to hit the right angle.)

Go up to that secret room to pick up another key and a sandwich. Now, head back
down to that switch which opened up the wall. This time go right to that door you couldn't open
before = you've got that iron key now, remember? Press X to get through that door. There's a chest
in the next room up! Position Casper before the chest and press X to use it to open the chest.. -
And jump back quick, because fatso's lurking in there!

If you can dodge out of his reach fast enough, he'll give up and go away, leaving the puzzle
piece free and clear for you to pick up. Two down, two to go.

Next, go back down to the fireplace, to the far left door -- not the one you already went
rough, the next door over. Yes, that's the one. This archway leads to the Kitchen: fatso's lair.
Whoops! If you don't get back out of there quick, he'll kick your phantasmagorical butt! You cannot.
repeat, CANNOT beat him at this stage in the game. That'!! teach you to get too blindly dependent
on a walkthrough...

Right. flack to the Main Hall you go. nursing your wounded ego. At the upper side of
the screen are two archways on either side of the empty picture frame - head through the left one.
Go on. What, don't you trust us anymore...?

Good. That's the spirit-pun intended. Up that way you'll hit another door; in the
room up beyond it you can gather up two more keys. (See? That didn't hurt.) On the wall to your
left is an in/out button: adjust your altitude until you can push that button by pressing X. Another
in/out button will appear in the wall to your right. Do the same there.

Right! Now, back down to the Main Hall )getting tired of that spiral yet?) and go up
through the OTHER archway by the picture frame, the one to the right. There's another chest there
- you've got a brass key so press X. You should be getting the hang of this by now.
If you are, then you should know enough to jerk back when the chest opens up, because once
fatso's got what he thinks is a good idea in his head, he doesn't let it go!

An iron weight? What kind of prize is that? Believe it or not, it's a good one. Hang
onto it and trust us To the right of the chest is a lever; press X to pull it and open a door to the
right. Go up through that door, fish out a brass key, and press X to open this chest. Guess what?
Yep. fatso again. He's repulsive but oh-so-predictable, luckily for you. Pick up the puzzle piece --
that's three! and gather up any keys and sandwiches in the area before wandering back down to
(surprise!) the Main Hall.

There's really only one more place to check out. You wanna bet the fourth and final
puzzle piece is there? Go left again from the Main Hall to the fireplace and go through the fire-

Heh heh heh - gotcha again! No, you have to pass through the first door, the one right
NEXT to the fireplace. Head up to your right again and stop at the door you opened a while back.
Hmm. we could be wrong, but it sure looks like you're supposed to step on the sparkly floor
grate there. But you're a ghost. You're insubstantial. How do you get the darn thing to 19

The iron weight! Yes! We TOLD you there was a reason for lugging
that chunky piece of metal around! Get it out of your inventory and press Circle to drop it onto the
grate. Go to page (3) if you don't know how to use your inventory. We don't have time
for a refresher course right now. Go ahead - we'll be right here when you get back...

All set? Great. Dropping the weight on that glittery floor trigger will reveal a
hidden puzzle piece to your right. Grab it and hustle back to the Main Hall. You've got all four
pieces. What now? Well, duh. To put puzzle pieces into the picture frame, first select them from
your inventory. Then, while Casper is floating in front of the frame, press Circle to set them into
place. Once all four scraps are back where they belong, your reward will materialize just below
Casper. We'll let you figure out what it is and what to do with it. Prom here on out you're on your
own and it's such a big. dark, spooky house full of ghosts and
spiderwebs and shadows...

Go on, get moving. You can do it. We'll be waiting for you out on the front
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