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final kaoss

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8110!000L4 Start at the beginning with $1,000,000
811D????B8 Start at the King with $1,000,000
5G0G0 00C74 $300 and Jynia Nagule defeated
E0QC0 CXCC4 $12,400, two poker dealers and all Blackjack dealers defeated
CRHC1 YXFJL $41,570 and one more Roulette game to go

QPHAQ PPEAM JGSBE $10,OOO and six dealers defeated

QHGAQ PPEAM GGJBH $180,000 and twelve dealers defeated

QIFAQ PPEAM GWJII $350,000 and Bo and Pam defeated

QOGAQ PPEAM GWJZI $600,000 and Brund defeated

Type in, CRDV5 YYYGG, to play against King Las Vegas you start out with $154,470.
RE: Casino Kid 2

Knowing what to bet

Now when dealers say a certain phrase you'll know where to bet your money.

Rie Lenka - China

Key Phrase Safe Bet

I may hit 00, or I may not. 00, 1 or 27
How about Black or the Red? Black
Try Twelve. Odd and 2nd 12
Have you tried Twelve? Odd and Red
Listen to me carefully, Kid. Even and 3rd 12
What I say is very helpful! Red and 3rd row
Watch the Wheel, not the layout. 0, 2 or 28
I'll hit in the first twelve. 3rd 12
Try the Even or the Odd. Even
Think Kid, Think! Black

Paul Kieton - England

Key Phrase Safe Bet

I don't like black cars. Black
Well, Well, Well. 2nd 12, Read and Even
I can read you very well. 3rd row, Red and Even
Teasing? No way! 0, 2 or 28
Don't get too excited. 1st 12 and Odd
You get excited and lose it all. Odd
How old are you? 1-18
It may land on 00. Do you believe me? 00, 1 or 27
I cannot be defeated by you. 3rd 12

Abu Ganzil - India

Key Phrase Safe Bet

I am always the winner. Odd and Red
It will be a full moon tonight. 0, 5, or 6
I never lose. 1st 12
I'll bet it's odd. Do you believe me? Even
How about trying Even? Odd
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