Can't add DLC.


I have a psp 2000 slim with CFW 5.50 Prome-4. I downloaded a European Lord of Arcana iso and put it on my psp. I downloaded the European dlc with media go, but when i try and transfer it to my psp i get this error: "An error occurred during communication with the server(80048A24). So i downloaded the dlc from the european psn on my psp and installed it. But, when i start the game it says, "Failed to find the copyright information title. Please check additional data." Anyone know how to get around this?

EDIT: I can transfer the dlc from media go when my memory stick is in my brothers psp which is on OFW, but i get yet another error message when loading the game. "System activation has not taken place. Additional data could not be read. Please check additional data."
After going to the Account Management icon on my psp, i scrolled down to the system activation and tried to activate my psp and i get a message saying, "An error has occurred. (80109D24)" I also have the psnlover plugin activated. My Media Go is v1.7 if that makes a difference.

I went back to OFW and made a new PSN account and it let me activate my psp with the account. Then i put my CFW back on and it let me transfer the DLC from media go for some reason. Now i have my psp activated with the same account i downloaded the dlc from and the dlc is on my psp. Now i get this error. "copyright owner file differs from system authenticiation information. Please check additional data."
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