burning cdi backups on linux

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Have anyone burnt cdi backup images(successfully) under linux?
I tried this method:
Tutorial: How to create and/or burn a Dreamcast disc in 5 minutes

But failed. Everything seemed to work fine. Or at least i thought so. But what came out of my drive tray is completely useless. On dc it takes it as a music cd. Yet, i press play, and nothing happens, not even the time counter moves. And on linux, file explorer says it cant mount the cd. Fail.

Ive tried to install disc juggler and alcohol with wine, but none will install. Ive even tried to install them via a virtual workstation but apparently the cd frives emulation isnt good enough. Alcohol starts burning but after a few minutes it like screws up. More fail.

I know i can switch back to windows and burn them... But having to restart and switch os JUST for burning dreamcast games isnt cool.

Any help please?
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