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Table of Contents

Set Up 2
Using the Controller 3
Mission Orders 4
Options & Game Screens 6
Items & Power-Ups 9
Hints a Tips 15
Game Notes 16

Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in its instruction manual.
Make sure the PlayStation- power is off before Inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert the
BROKEN HELIX disc and close the Disc Cover. Insert game controllers and turn on the PlayStation
game console. Follow on-screen instructions to start a game.

Thank you very much for purchasing Konami's BROKEN HELIX
Before playing, please read this manual carefully to ensure correct use.

[Diagram of Playstation]

Using the Controller

L2 and R2 Button: Center screen
L2 Button: Look down
R2 Button: Look up

L1 Button: Strafe left
R1 Button: Strafe right

Triangle Button: Jump
Select + Triangle: Load energy

Square: Shoot
Select + Square: Change weapon

Circle Button: Interact (talk, use, etc.)
Select + Circle: Toggle Jake's attitude from NEUTRAL, to HOSTILE (and back) A change from robot
to Jake.

SELECT Button: Used in conjunction with other buttons for special option.
START Button: Call up inventory screen. Use directional buttons to move around items, then
press CIRCLE to ready an item for use. Press X to give an item to someone
(or something). Press TRIANGLE to go to the Save/Load Game menu.

X Button: Crawl forward, Tap X once to stand up

SELECT + X: Activate map

Directional Buttons: Move Jake

Mission Orders

My life is in your hands so My name is Jake Burton and I diffuse bombs for the military. I
decided early in life if I wasn't living on the edge I wasn't living. I've seen the ugly side
of war and I've made many enemies ... I guess that's to be expected. Some people think I've
got a nasty attitude and I'm overly cocky, I can live with that. When I was very young my
father died in a plane crash on his way to work. He was a genetic engineer that worked at a
military base called Area 51. A couple months ago while diffusing explosives in the Pentagon,
I looked at files I should have ignored. The files contained information about the plane crash
that killed my father. It seems the government had covered up any knowledge that Area 51 ever
existed and that my father had ever worked there. Funny that I received the mission orders
just yesterday: The General has orders from the Pentagon to end top secret project going on at
Area 51. The scientists working on the project have set up explosives in the base and have
threatened to blow it up if the military tries to take them out by force. You have been chosen
to find and diffuse the explosives. After they have been diffused, you will be escorted out of
the base. You are ordered not to look at any information regarding the project and not to kill
any of the scientists. The Lieutenant is waiting until the explosives are diffused to send his
troops in to take out the scientists. Helicopter transport to arrive at Area 51 at 0600 hours.
Upon your arrival at the base you will be given the following:

* A standard multi-purpose rifle with high voltage stun
* Wirecutters
* Large energy cell
* Med-kit

The Sergeant will inform you of any changes at the base.

Options Screen

The OPTIONS SCREEN gives the player access to load, game menu, sound options, help text and

Game Options Screen

The GAME OPTIONS can be reached by pressing the button from the items menu. The GAME OPTIONS
screen allows the player to pause the game, access the game log, sound options, help text and
load game menus.

Game Log Screen

The GAME LOG allows the player to review the last movie in the game and up to 5 previous

4-D Time Element: Broken helix uses a 4D engine. When the player starts the game everything
takes place in real time. Scientists and creatures on other levels move around triggering
different events even if Jake is not on that current level. If you walk away from the
controller, be sure to pause the game because when you come back you could be dogmeat.

The Game Screen

1 - COMM-LINK: Lights for
Incoming Messages



4 - ATTITUDE: Neutral or
Hostile. A change 8
from Robot to Jake


6 - HEALTH STATUS 2 3 4 5 6



* These are the various sections of the status at the bottom of the screen.

Items and Power-ups

Any items that jake finds in the game appear in the ITEMS MENU. To access the menu press

Multi-Purpose Rifle Weapon Add-Ons

High Voltage: Use to disrupt your targets electrostatic energy. Effective for stunning
temporarily stunning a target.

Plasma: Will destroy most small targets easily. Increased use may disable larger targets as

Flamethrower: Hot. Real hot. Great for short range.

Grenades: Medium powered explosive grenades.

There's More But You Have To Find Them!


There are medical kits which can restore your health.

Energy Power-ups

These are used to restore your weapon(s) energy to full capacity. These can he found in
different sizes, which restore different amounts of energy.

Various pieces of military issue armor can be found and used for your protection.

Important: Use as a virus antidote

Wire cutters
When you find a bomb, use these to defuse it!


Sometimes you will find key cards which are color-coded for corresponding doors. Sometimes
you may be given key cards. And sometimes you may have to temporarily stun someone and press
the button to search and take what you want.


You start out carrying a photo of your father. You love your dad, and if anyone has a problem
with that, they can take their comments, write 'em on a piece of paper, stick 'em down the
barrel of your grenade launcher and wait for your feedback.

CDs are used to save a game. You can save your game at any time by going to your items menu
and selecting one. NOTE: Each CD allows you to save your game once.

Other items

You may find items or he given things during your bomb disposal mission. As Dad always said,
"Things happen for a reason."

Located in Robot Control Centers throughout the base. They range from maintenance droids to
well-armed warbots. To use a robot, walk up to a monitor outlined in RED and press
the button. You can give the robot up to 4 items by standing next to him, selecting item and
pressing the button. To switch-back to Jake press SELECT + CIRCLE.

Hints & Tips

* In Area 51, knowledge is power. Talk to others by standing next to them and pressing
the button.

* Listen carefully to communicator conversations. They will help you on your mission.
Remember that there are four main story lines. Some objects you pick up may help you
on other missions.

* Don't blow up everything you see.

* Look around for clues on the monitors. Jake can interact with the monitors outlined in
red light. They can be used to access security cameras, maintenance robots, and to turn
machinery on and off.

* Press the button after stunning enemies to check for an items they might have been

* Use robots to get into hard to reach areas.

* To give other characters health, stand close to them, select "health" and press X

* Use the overlay map to see where enemies might be hiding.
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