Bricked PSP?


I have a PSP-1000 that I thought was bricked but whenever I try to reboot it with my pandora battery/magic memory stick combo, nothing happens.

I've unbricked dozens of PSP's with my Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick but just to be sure I tested them again on a couple of other PSP's and the unbrick memory screen pops up just fine so I know that the Pandora battery and Magic memory stick work fine. I even tried to re-assign the start/load left trigger to another button like the right trigger or the "X" button but no go.

I originally assumed that the bricked PSP was in fact bricked because it showed all the signs of a bricked PSP. It had a black screen on start up, as well, the green power light would turn on, and then after about 20 seconds the light would turn off and the PSP would shut down. Classic case of a typical bricked PSP but still everytime I run the Pandora Battery with the Magic Memory stick, the load up/reboot screen would not show.

I did however notice that when I tried to reboot the PSP with my Pandora/Magic Memory stick combo that the screen would light up; it would still be black, but you can notice that it would light up. When i try to turn it on with a normal battery, the power light would go on for about 20 seconds but the screen would not light up at all.

So naturally I began to think that the screen may be faulty or that it has some loose connections so I opened up the PSP-1000, checked and re-connected the connections but still nothing.

Besides if it was the screen, then how come the screen would light up when I use the Pandora battery albeit being only black.

So I'm not sure what's wrong the PSP or how to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas?
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