bricked psp will not format flash0


Hello i need help on my psp, my psp is FULLY bricked i have no clue how my psp bricked but it did, so im going to put down all the info and what ive done and if you have any ideas on how to fix it i would really appreciate it cuz all i wanna do is play some zelda!!!:P ok here it goes/ i think i was using 5.00 m33-6, i have a TA-79 v1 motherboard, 01g model(i think 1001 but im not sure my sticker feel off a long time ago) i got my pandora battery from pandora sales and i use both Steven's Magic Memory Stick Creator v1.1 and RainsUltraLiteMMS/DCv8 to make my mms(since my psp is FULLY bricked), as of right now im using RainsUltraLiteMMS/DCv8. so here is my problem, whenever i go to unbrick my psp by pressing install 5.00 m33 or pressing install 5.00 OFW it freezes on formatting flash0. every time i do it, itll say loading updater modules then says formatting flash0... and freezes at 0% then shuts off. so then i did alittle digging and found something is prob wrong with my nand, so i remade my mem stick using stevens magic mem stick maker and put in NandTool v0.3, so i dumped nand and id storage keys and found out i have 17 bad blocks on my nand, does anyone think that might be my problem? if so how can i fix it on a FULLY bricked psp? then i tried to repartition the lflash and it skips all the bad blocks, then i go to format partitions and it still freezes on formatting flash0. then i re made the mem stick again using RainsUltraLiteMMS/DCv8 and went to nand operations and tried to format lflash and it freezes on physical format, does anyone think they can help my problem? when i use the test m33 it works perfect so idk. and if you are wondering no i didnt dump my nand before i first started messing with my psp firmware. all i have is the nand with 17 bad blocks, i think my problem is my flash0, what do you think? is my psp forever screwd? could itv been from something i did cuz when i was unbricking when i first got the battery it fell out at formatting flash0, and im sorry if its all confusing but i need help iv been on this thing for two weeks!! any answers will be appreciated

Auto-Merge: Nevermind, i have fixed it!!! its a total miracle!!! i found my old nand so everything is good now!!! YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!
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