Bricked PSP -> Need some help


Hi all, how are you ppl.
I'm new around here, I've been around the main portal for years but never took the time to register in the forums. Yeah, lame visitor. =P Sorry about that...

Anyways, to the topic.

I've got in my hands a PSP-2000 of a friend that's bricked. Not TA 83 v2.

I already installed CFW and used recovery on a big number of PSP's, but this one has a problem that's slipping my knowledge...

The PSP turns on, the green light lits, but nothing else. Black screen. Just stays like that. Doesn't even turn off automatically... No sound... No nothing.

Tried to use Magic Memory Stick + Pandora Battery.
When I try this, the PSP automatically turns on, but also stays like that... The only diference is that using this, it turns itself off after a couple of seconds. And when it turns off, the wireless light blinks once and that it, turns off.

Initially I was guessing that the NAND could have been damaged. I already "cloned" a PSP once. I had a friend that his PSP bricked in a NAND level, and I backed-up my 1000 NAND and inserted in his 1000 PSP and it worked.

But with this one, I can't even run Pandora mode, so I can't even backup my 2000 NAND and insert in this one.

So that's basically it. Can't do nothing. For now, I'm guessing a hardware failure / damage. But maybe something's missing me, so, here's where I come to ask for suggestions and maybe some help. =)

Thanks for everything.
Stay cool.
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