Bricked psp 2001, Can somebody tell me how?


i was trying to install custom firmware onto my buddies 6.39 unmodified psp.

i installed home brew enabler, and ran the ME custom firmware install. after the installation was complete, it said to press x to reset the psp, but the screen was frozen and now i get a black screen with a solid green light. i tried removing the battery and power cycling it to no avail.

i dont understand how it could have bricked, seeing as it froze after the installation. maybe it was a dirty eboot? i'll give you some links to the software i used.

i know it was stupid to learn the shit from youtube, but i have been out of the scene for so long that i diddnt know what forums everybody went to. i remember psphacks which turned into qj. now that site is cluttered with spam.


maybe i had unsupported hardware? i was under the impression that ever model psp was supported. that what happens when my friend watches over me.
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