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  • Defeat Dark Lumina
To beat the first fom of Dark Lumina, you need to keep to the right side of him to avoid his right arm. ONCE HE LUNGES WAIT A SECOND THEN JUMP IN AND HIT HIS CRYSTAL. You can double jump back in and hit him again if youre quick. For his final form you will need to be a lot quicker. To be able to do damage to him at all you wil have to CATCH HIM WITH FUSION AND THEN DRAIN HIS POWER. Once he becomes an orb, hit him with Lumina. Keep your Wind Scroll equipped, because when he turns green, you will need to do your powered-up CYCLONE SPIN TO STAY ON THE PLATFORM WITH HIM. The rest of his attacks just require some quick dodging. Be ready with an EX-Drink if necessary, but it is possible to beat him without going all the way through a full life bar. IT ONLY TAKES ABOUT FIVE HITS TO KILL HIM. | [Sent by Travis]
  • Minku Locations
Possibly the most valuable things in the, you cant get all 13 of the Minkus until later in the game, and after 22:00 hours in the day. When you catch one, you get a 25 point boost to your health permanently. The locations are:

1) By the Gondola-From the entrance of Twinpeek Mt., go left. It can be found in the small area with the tree.

2) By the Gondola-East of the Gondola lift. You need the L-Brace to climb the wall.

3) Somnolent Forest-Hidden path by bridge to Meandering Forest.

4) Somnolent Forest-On the East bank of the river. Using the Water Scroll jup off the first bridge then head down and to the right. It is sitting on the bank of the river.

5) Twinpeek Mt.-Right below the first cave entrance. You will need to fall down and then swing quickly to the left.

6) Twinpeek Mt.-From the previous one you need to use the Water Scroll and head farther west and south.

7) Hell's Valley-The arena where the Skullpion was defeated.

8) Grillin' Reservoir-On a ledge north of where you found the church bell.You will need to fill the are with water and then use the Water Scroll.

9) Steamwood Forest-Hidden by the Wind Crest. To reach this crest you must have the Earth Crest and L-Brace. It can only be found by following a pipe on the north side.

10) Binchotite Mine-On a ledge close to the Misteria Flower.

11) Binchotite Mine-To the left of the dead GiAnt.Only becomes available after Chapter 5 begins

12) Binchotite Mine-In a room where two Cure Worms are. Only available after Chapter 5 begins.

13) Wind Scroll-Found just before you receive the Wind Scroll. | [Sent by Travis]
  • Stronger Lumina swing
When you fill up the speed guage, try the lumina button right when it's full or try the lumina button after you hold the speed guage button for a while(but keep holding the speed guage button.
  • The Bincho Fields
Bincho Fields are scatteredeverywhere in the world.It is possible to find all of them before going to the last level. You will need to strike them with Lumina in order to free the trapped people inside. Each Bincho field you break will increase your BP by 5.Here is the list, according to Chapter and amount.

Chapter 2
3 in Steamwood
4 in Somnolent Forest
4 on Twinpeek Mt.
1 while river rafting
1 in Hell's Valley

Chapter 3
4 in Bichotite Mine
8 in Restaurant Basement

Chapter 4
1 on the beach of Dragon Isle
5 in Ice Palace

Chapter 5
3 in the Ant Lairpart of the mine

Chapter 6
1 at the start of the chapter | [Sent by Travis]

  • Unlimited Money
In the village bar, which is open in game time from 6pm until 2am, you can play a high-low game with a character named Macho.
The game costs 100 to play and will return doubled amounts in this sequence: 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600, 51200, and lastly 102400. However if you get 102400 he will no longer play the game with you.

If he picks a number less than 7 then select high and if he picks 7 or higher pick low. Starting with just a few hundred or so for a loss cushion you can quickly become extremely wealthy. Always stop your winnings at 51200 though or you can't keep raking it in!

Incidentally, time doesn't pass in the game while you are doing this so knock yourself out!
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