Boxing Fever Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

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final kaoss

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  • Invincibility and more power
When choosing your boxer, hit these buttons, then hit select when you're finished entering the button sequence:

Right, Left(2), Right, Left - Invincible
Left(4), Right - More power
Re: Boxing Fever

  • New characters
When awarded a new character or outfit after completing the Professional Championship or better, go into any fighting mode (for example, Single Fight, Survival, etc.). Highlight that character, then press Select. Note: New characters are the person you just defeated that championship with, but will have a different hair, costume, glove color, and record. For example, Mickey McFists record is 12 wins 3 loss and 9 KOs, but "Joe Nitro" has 15 wins 2 loss and 11 KOs.
Re: Boxing Fever

  • Passwords
Status - Password

Survival Mode completed - G51FF888
Amateur Series completed - 90HG6738
Top Contender Series completed - H7649DH5
Pro Am Series completed - 2GG48HD9
Professional Series completed - 8G3D97B7
World Title completed - B3G58318
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