Borderlands 2


Hacked by 정지혜
[B]Max + Infinite Money/Black Market Money on Buy 1.02[/B]
00677FA4 3D607FFF
00677FA8 91690014

[B]Max + Infinite Money/Black Market Money on Sale 1.02[/B]
00677F74 3C007FFF  
00677F78 90090014

[B]Max + Infinite Skill Points/Badass Token 1.02[/B]
0002D7D8 380000FF
0002D7DC 900B0000
Do not play the game with this code on.

[B]Instant Level Max [NO KILL/EXP REQUIRED] 1.02[/B]
0067B06C 7BCB0020
0067B070 7B690020
0067B074 7B9F0020
0067B078 7FE3FB78
0067B07C 38000001
[B]If used with usercheat, use button activator.[/B]

[B]Infinite Ammo & Grenades[/B]
00493CCC 60000000
00493CD0 D00B0070
Borderlands 2-[BLES01684] 1.14 HACKED BY MEDO

[/SIZE][/COLOR]// Max + INF Money/Black Market on Buy
0 00682334 3D607FFF
OGP= 7D6B0038916900147BE30020
COP= 3D607FFF916900147BE30020

// Max + INF Money/Black Marketon Sale
0 00682304 3C007FFF
OGP= 7C002A14900900144BFFFF654800002C
COP= 3C007FFF900900144BFFFF654800002C

// Instant Level Max
0 00685204 38000001
OGP= 7B9F00207FE3FB78800B0260C1A9006C
COP= 7B9F00207FE3FB7838000001C1A9006C

// Infinite Ammo & Grenades
0 004893A8 60000000
OGP= EDA10028D00B006C
COP= 60000000D00B006C

// Max + INF Skill Points/Badass Token [FREEZ AT LOADING]
0 0002DD74 380000FF
OGP= 7C090050900B0000901D0000
COP= 380000FF900B0000901D0000[COLOR=blue][SIZE=4]
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