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Hi, I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience, but:

I've been having problems getting boot discs to work correctly. I eventually figured out Utopia doesn't support VGA mode (which is what I'm using), Codebreaker simply told me every disc I inserted was invalid. CDX got to the dreamcast logo then went straight back to the menu.

I changed the settings in DiscJuggler when I tried Codebreaker somewhat; I changed Mode to 'Mode 2', and TOC to 'CD-I'. I had the default settings for Utopia, and the altered settings for CDX. Furthermore, DiscJuggler said there were potential write errors with the Codebreaker and CDX images; for the Codebreaker image I said 'no, don't fix it' and for CDX I said 'yes, fix it'.

If someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong or link me to a guide for a boot disc that supports VGA, imports and backups, I'd be very thankful.

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