Bluelist - a script-based whitelist editor for DSi (WIP)

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By dr1ft

Still a VERY early work in progress; no binary releases yet. It's not quite ready for public use, so this thread is more of a request for help than a !!! BIG RELEASE THREAD !!!

Rudimentary scripting system to automate building specialized whitelists (not heavily tested)
Automatic decryption (via twltool) and key extraction from Launcher (not heavily tested)
Automatic parsing and insertion of ROMs into the whitelist (not sure if this works at all at the moment)
Arbitrary NDHI check region insertion a la RocketLauncher

Automatic twlnf script generation

As per the usual, if you brick your system with this, I'm not responsible, yadda yadda.

Please feel free to contribute to this if you know C# and have a decent understanding of the DSi whitelist system, though be warned that my code is beyond ugly.


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