Bit of a dilemma....


Hi, newish to this so stay with me....

Current setup: PSP 1000, Pandora battery, CFW 5.50 Gen D3.

Fine at the moment running regular PSP .iso but bother was run it when trying to run FF7. FF7 was bought on PS3 awhile ago on the PSN. I tried to transfer PS3 to PSP but got C000005 error, therefore copied a key.bin file to folder of FF7 on PSP but that just brought up a 8000148 (or similar) supposedly due to activation problems. Therefore installed pspfucker and psplover and signed into PSN network using PS3 account and activated PSP via PS3 and transfered again but again same errors. Tried downloading via PSP PSN but get error message when clicking on FF7 (does show symbol signalling it has been purchased though), managed to d/l via indirect method by going to d/l history in shop but again afterwards error messages on trying to run.

Question is, any suggested firmware I should upgrade to? Was thinking 6.xx OFW, hopefully then would be able to log in and download from PSN properly.


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