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Cheat Codes​

Display the Seed entry prompt at the "Character Select" menu. Note: In the PC version, press [Tab]. Enter one of the following seed codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Entering a seed code will prevent achievements and trophies from being earned. Additionally some codes may delete your saved game file.

EffectSeed Code
All enemies have permanently fearedFEAR M1NT
All floors have the basement room tile setBASE MENT
All items except troll bombs mimic Issac's movementKEEP AWAY
CRT displayB00B T00B
Can destroy rocksNFB8 3WSG
Character and tears turn blackPTCH BLCK
Character leaves fecal trailBRWN SNKE
Character only visible as brown shadowCAM0 K1DD
Character takes double damageHARD HARD
Concussive enemies that move randomlyC0NF ETT1
Doors open immediately, tears are harmless;Boss's health act as timersPAC1 F1SM or PAC1 F1ST
Easier game1337 HAXR
Eligible enemies become championsCHAM P10N
Enemies become feared randomlyFRAI DN0T
Enemies fight each otherC0CK FGHT or CLST RPH0
Enemies only visible as brown shadowsCAM0 F0ES
Enemies respawn when character leaves room;new items do not dropC0ME BACK
Grey characterKAPP A
Invisible character except for surrounding light effect1MN0 B0DY
Invisible enemiesBL1N DEYE
Jumbled in-game textDYSL EX1C
Large pools of blood when enemies dieBL00 00DY
Load screen always displays "Are You Sure You Want Me To Die?"1TEN DSHE or SUPA SWAG
Pill names and descriptions appear as ???MED1 C1NE
Reversed controlsDRAW KCAB
Slow motion while character is idle;music speed altered with movement speedSL0W 4ME2
Sound effects replaced with fartsFART SNDS
Start with 69 coins and have to purchase all items and pickupsFREE 2PAY or PAY2 PLAY
Take damage when idleD0NT ST0P
Tarot cards are face down when collectedFACE D0WN
The lower your health, the slower the musicHART BEAT
Ticking starts every 45 seconds,after 5 seconds Isaac takes half heart of damageTHEG H0ST
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