Best Set-up for PSP-3000 and PSP-GO


I'm going on a two week trip to Asia this weekend so I'm bringing 2 PSPs: a 3000 and a GO to get me through the long flight. The Go currently has a really old version of PRO, I think 6.35 Pro-B. The PSP-3000 is currently unhacked. The PSP-GO is the normal US version, while the PSP-3000 is the Final Fantasy Dissidia Limited Edition JP one, in case that's important.

Basically my question is: What is the best current setup for these two systems given my following needs?

  1. I have a few PS1 CD rips that I ripped from my collection
  2. LOTS of PS1 games bought from the PSN store, that I currently cannot transfer to the Go because I can't connect to PSN
  3. New UMD games (Tactics Ogre & FFIV Complete) to play on the PSP-3000
  4. SNES, SEGA-CD, etc. Emus

Thanks in advance for all the help! I've read up on threads, but I still don't really understand even the simple difference between having 6.20 and 6.60 Pro-B9. As you can see I am a total noob.
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