best place for psp battery replacements


hey guys i haven;t posted here in a long time but thought this was the best place to ask

i have a psp 1000 battery that no longer holds a charge, if i leve it unpluged for a day, the next day theres no more charge in it

i also have a 2000 extended battery same issue

so im wondering where can i get 2 batteries that both work, won't explode and are a good price since im weary about buying the knock offs. i will settle for a normal sized psp 2000 battery if some one also provides a link with a slim battery door in gray since i only have the extended battery door

the only reson im asking is today i got a brand new psp phat for $25 so im getting rid of my first psp phat but before i sell/ give it to a friend i want to make sure it holds a charge and then my psp slim just needs a new one
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