Best Exclusives/Enhanced ports for DC (why did I buy a DC?)

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Hey yall I just bought a DC for a great price and after years am ready to finally start collecting for DC. However I now own every 6th gen console (PS2, GC, Xbox, DC) and am disappointed to find the DC games I was most looking forward to playing have since gotten enhanced ports to the other 3 consoles or are inferior PC ports themselves. This is a bummer for me because I always want to play the definitive version of a game i.e. runs the best, has the best graphics or extra content. Here's some games that fit this criteria

Sonic Adventure 1+2 (GC)
Code Veronica (PS2)
Skies Of Arcadia (GC)
Dead Or Alive 2 (Xbox)
Omikron (PC)
Gauntlet (PS2)

I know 7 games out of a 800 game library isnt alot but those were my jump off points so if someone could tell me some good games that are must plays on the Dreamcast that would be great. These games don't have to be exclusive to the DC, the DC version just has to be the best. This can include DC ports of N64 and PS1 games. Keep in mind for 6th gen I can play PS2 games smoothed and in 1080p on my PS3*, GC in 480p via component on my Wii and 480p/720p natively on my Xbox (no 360). I also am not big on digital so we can just leave PSN/Steam ports out unless they're vastly superior and I should really play it on those.

I'm not big on shmups and with the plethora of fighters I don't need help finding those. I'd like games more like the ones I listed. I'm already well aware of Shenmue and Jet Set Radio and will be getting those ASAP. I play alot of games with my girlfriend too so if there are any good co-op games that would be great.

Also I haven't played ANY of the games I listed so I'm basing what I said on stuff I've read. If you've played any of those 7 games on multiple consoles and like the DC one best, tell me and tell me why, even if its just personal preference. And for a game like NBA 2K2 which appears to be near identical on each console, what's your preference?

*I heard bleemcast PS1 games look better on the dreamcast through VGA than they do smoothed on a PS3 in 1080p via HDMI. That sounds crazy to me but if that's true does that mean through VGA DC games will look better than the PS2 version even on my PS3? I'm wondering this for games that or complete clones on each console.
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