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Various Achievements​

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Absolute Jewel Crusher ( 5 points )Establish Bejeweled supremacy by sweeping all three categories in a LIVE Battle! ( Classic/Twist)
Gemstalker ( 5 points )If you can reach level 10 in Classic and Twist, you can enjoy this shiny Achievement!
Gemstalker Supreme ( 30 points )If level 10 was satisfying, reach level 50 in Classic or Twist for an even greater accomplishment!
Gemstone Genius ( 5 points )Only spectacular players score 300,000 points. They claim this Achievement too! ( Classic/Twist)
Master Matcher ( 5 points )This achievement is for people awesome enough to score 100,000 points in a game. ( Classic/Twist)
Megatonnage ( 5 points )Flame Gems are good. Lightning Gems are great. Both in one game is MEGATONNAGE! ( Classic/Twist)
Nitro SuperTurbo ( 5 points )Make matches quickly enough to enter Blazing Speed! ( Classic/Twist)
Paragon of Paragons ( 5 points )Paragon: ideal instance, perfect embodiment. That's you for scoring 500,000 points! ( Classic/Twist)
Party Zone Maestro ( 50 points )It's 3 straight minutes of bonus XP near the top of a Party LIVE ladder for this Achievement!
Popularity Tycoon ( 50 points )Friendscore is all your friends' scores added up. You've hit 1 million all-time! ( Classic/Twist)
Stellar Stamina ( 30 points )Manage 200,000 points in back-to-back Classic and Twist games to earn this twisted Achievement!
There Goes a Supernova ( 5 points )Match 6+ gems for a Supernova Gem. Detonating one is its own reward, but here's another! ( Twist)
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